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Victoria isn’t good with men. She doesn’t want a boyfriend or a husband—she just wants a baby... She’s decided that Caleb, the owner of a newspaper company, is the best candidate for the job. Now she just has to seduce him and get him in the mood. Rumor has it that Caleb is a resolute bachelor and a playboy, making him the perfect choice. There’s no way he’ll be interested in marriage. So Victoria dares to slip into a sexy dress and attempts to seduce Caleb. He’s shocked by demure Victoria’s sexy transformation, but he firmly refuses her offer. He’s in for a surprise when he discovers her newspaper advertisement the following day—"Wanted: A Man to Father a Child."

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it has the ups and downs 5  5

The heroine is a someone who does her own thing and right now her own thing is having her own baby. She decides to seduce the hero because he always dates women from other towns and never is in a relationship for long. The hero is a sweetheart because after the heroine's first failed attempt of seducing the hero, he sits down and listens to her wishes and though he rejects her, he's a real gentleman. However, he freaks out when he sees the heroine's ad for a healthy male that she would pay money just to have coitus, make a baby, and sign his rights over as the father of the child. Now, I would like to take this moment to say to the heroine,"What are you thinking?!" This woman is living in the time period where sperm banks are known and not seen as a secretive thing but she doesn't want a stranger's little soldier inside but these sperm banks do a background check on the male for his physiology, psychology, and social background. Why would this woman send out a newspaper to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who might be a psychopath? The hero is shocked by this and tries to get the heroine to back out but she stand firm in her decision and has a back up plan to have the recipients send their responses to another address in another town, so they won't find her home. The amount of letters is astronomical and many suggest that she pay them more and they'll show her a good night?! Well, you reap what you sow and she sowed the cheap way and is now sowing more weeds than wheat. Out of the hundreds of letters, only three came out as okay and even they all failed the second round of the interview. So, the heroine plans to do the same thing again? Yet, the hero proposes that they marry, make a baby, and then divorce. The heroine is hesitant but agrees. They have a lovely wedding and start to get to know each other better. Eventually they fall in love, and help one another. For example, the heroine's worker, a young high school girl falls pregnant whose boyfriend denies it's his and her parents are furious. The two of them work together to support the young girl and they realize that they have fallen in love. After this, the heroine finds out from the doctor that she can't have children and pushes the hero for a divorce, which now the hero hesitate because he is in love with the heroine. yet, the divorce falls through and the public hate the hero because they believe he hurt the heroine. The heroine is shocked at this discovery and puts the whole story in the newspaper in order to protect the hero and save his reputation. Now, the townspeople are whispering at the heroine and the hero can't let it happen and places another story, praising the heroine and how he loves her so much. This leads to the heroine to go after the hero and have one of the sweetest confession of love. They get married and the side page shows that they have adopted a little girl games Jilly. It's so cute.

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