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Reba is a popular top model. She receives a marriage proposal from celebrity Elliot Thorson III, but she intends to reject him. Then one day, like a flash of lightning, she falls for a man, vowing to love him forever. Fate has arrived. She feels passionately for Hunter, a man she meets while being photographed on location in the Caribbean. But, after agonizing about the need to pay the enormous cost of surgery for her mother, Reba lies to Hunter, leaving him and choosing Elliot instead. But what she doesn't know is that he and Elliot are cousins…

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The story was okay, it just didn't get me excited and into it. The heroine who's a model needs money uber quick for her mom's medical treatment and the only means of getting it is agreeing to marrying the OM who proposed the deal even though she has fallen for the hero who's a deckhand. Unknown to her, the man is actually a stockholder of a multimillion dollar business and is the hated cousin to the OM. The reason is that the hero's mother and his uncle had an affair. Now, she's caught between the glares of her former lover and has to play devoted fiancee to the OM when she really doesn't want to be. Then she sees the man's ugly side of being horribly rude to the local children. They meet the mother who's polite but she can see that the heroine doesn't love the OM. The hero catches her alone with conditions of giving her a lot of money if she'll be his mistress. The amount is more than enough to save her mother but she rips it up. Her actions surprise the hero who thought she was a gold digger. A forecast of a tropical storm brings alight to many things; one of them being the OM having a child with one of the local woman that he refuses to acknowledge because she has no education or class. The same is said for him but yet the heroine found him going at it with the mother of his child. The heroine rejects his advances and the mother hears everything. In fact, she's the only woman who slaps her son and demands that he apologizes to the women because actions are similar to his father. The heroine runs off in the middle of the storm but is saved by the hero who was notified by the local woman. She agrees to be his lover and he decides to investigate. The heroine wakes up and is taken to America to the hospital her mother is at. The mother says that the hero brought her here and told the heroine how happy she is engaged to the hero. The hero and the heroine get some time alone to talk and the hero confesses his love to the heroine and she does to him. They get married and we find out that the mother is pushing the OM to marry the local girl and dotes on her newfound grandmother.

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