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Lily Ford, who owns a small PR company, has successfully signed a contract to represent a major resort development company. The CEO of the company, whose name is Gage, is a playboy who always dominates gossip magazines. At first, Lily finds it hard to work with him, but when she sees how talented he is, she becomes attracted to Gage. However, she’s somehow able to keep her composure and concentrate on her job. Gage, on the other hand, becomes interested in Lily, who reacts totally differently from his ex-girlfriends, so he makes her a surprising offer…

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both are m&m's 4  4

I found this to be an interesting read because we have our main characters putting up a strong front to the world and each other. The hero is this confidant, playboy, and cautious (only hires male PR because his last secretary laid herself out on his desk, in her birthday suit when he nothing to encourage it) persona and the heroine is this strong, armor tight, and lioness (The don't mess with me aura) of a woman. They come to a business arrangement of the heroine's company promoting the hero's company and his image. I did find it funny that the heroine called the hero's infatuation with his sister as a sister complex. The heroine is standoffish to the hero, which intrigues the hero because he's never met a woman like her but his "pulling" to know more about her, only leads her to push him away. This causes to see that the heroine wants nothing to do with men because she saw what happened to her mother as she threw herself from one man and what happened what when that man threw her mom away. The heroine wants nothing to do with men but the wears a beautiful blue dress and I liked it. The hero is further interested into the heroine. It turns out that the heroine is a very generous man but keeps it hidden from the public because he finds it hypocritical. I like that the hero defends the heroine from a jerk of a businessman and sees her walls crack. What I liked in this plot is to see them struggle with their attractions to one another based on their past, specifically their parents. However, the hero's sister has been accused by her boss of seducing him and the hero decides to marry the heroine in order to focus the paparazzi's attention on him. I AT first, the heroine is against it but after some "convincing" from the hero, they make it quite a good acting duo in front of the media. Then the two of them go on a trip to Thailand for business but it becomes more intimate. The hero and heroine start opening up nicely about their pasts like the hero's parents neglecting them so much that the hero's sister was starving for three days in her own house. It turns that both of them are against marriage. What it made more interesting is that the both of them are trying to make the whole thing like a business deal when it's definitely not going that way. They attempt to keep it that one night but it always seems to fail. However, the heroine becomes the frightened of becoming like her mother, so she cuts off her relationship with the hero. Yet, she accepts her feelings and decides to confront the hero about her feelings. She locks the door and takes off her clothes. I haven't had a heroine do that before, so I was surprised. The confession between the two was very heartwarming and I did love how they were open with each other.

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