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Sara is working in the kitchen of a Greek hotel when businessman Nikos hires her as a chef for the cruiser he owns, which is about to take a trip through the Aegean Sea. But there’s something troubling Sara. A well-known playboy, Nikos is chasing after Sara despite having his fiancée right on board the ship with him! He lives in a completely different world from her. Knowing that, she tries to take a step back, but when she looks at him closely, she finds him sexy and charming. When he whispers the compliment ‟Your fingers are sweet like candy,” he suddenly takes Sara’s hand in his and her heart starts racing…!

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they met on a cruise 4  4

The heroine is a chef on a ship that's bound for Greece and catches the eye of the hero and the glares of his latest lady. This woman would eat crud if she thought it would make her lose ten pounds. I couldn't believe the hero was letting her talk so rudely about his country's food like that because they weren't Italian. Goodness Gracious Woman!!! Why would you go on a Greek Cruise if you weren't going to enjoy the food and if you know anything about greek food then you would know that Baklava has a beautiful gold crust!! The hero does tell the OW to be polite since the hero treasures talented people who makes his businesses the best. Then he tells her to stay his spoiled princess, really man you are telling this woman to behave then to not behave. Then he talks about how eating is a waste of time in front of a chef! Yet, he flirts with the heroine at four in the morning when he has a fiancee and calls the heroine's job women's work! Yet, she manages to surprise the hero with her work and dedication. This being up before him and a morning meal but still staying up when he goes to bed. When they discussion about it then the OW coming in on how the sun is going to ruin her skin and demands to have her personal mail delivered to her room. Then the hero takes the heroine out to their port town and have fun in the markets and the local taverns that the OW wouldn't dare take a step in. They have a fine time but the heroine tries to resist the hero's advances. Advances that don't go unnoticed by the OW and she stakes her claim on the hero to the heroine. Then during a ball party, the OW's dress rips and is heard throughout. Mortified by the whole thing, she demands the hero fire the heroine for getting her fat with her food. The hero laughs it off but the OW tries to blackmail him with calling off the wedding. The hero calls the helicopter and has the OW sent away as a sign the they are definitely not getting engaged. Then the heroine starts showing the pleasure of food and company and the hero pushes her to take a break and enjoy a day out. The hero and heroine figure out that they have fallen for the other but don't believe they can be together. Then the hero wants to introduce the heroine as his girlfriend to his grandparents. There's a level of awkwardness between the heroine and the hero's grandmother by marriage. When the heroine and grandmother sit alone together and the heroine reveals her identity and the death of her mother to the grandmother and unknowingly the hero. The heroine wishes to know why the grandmother never contacted the mother and the grandmother reveals that it was the work of her grandfather. The heroine sets to leave but the hero stops here ask her if she had done for revenge and she rejects the notion. The hero states he doesn't blame her but sympathizes with her and wishes to make her his wife. Yet, she rejects him, thinking he's doing it because she's of good stock. The whole fight leads to the both of them falling off a cliff into the ocean. The two decides to make a fresh start and the heroine decides to stay on with the grandparents to forgive and move forward. The heroine and hero separate but the hero is unable to let her go. So, he runs after the heroine with a meal of jam sandwiches he made and confesses his love to the heroine and she confesses her love to him. It was a very sweet ending.

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