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Firming her resolve, Tarn sneaks into the party venue. Her mark is Caz Brandon, CEO of an international publishing company. He’s an atrocious playboy who drove Tarn’s foster sister to attempt suicide after he cast her aside following their engagement. She can never forgive him! Tarn swears that she’ll get revenge on him and make him pay for his sins. She’s going to show him what it’s like to fall madly in love and be thrown away. Caz invites her to dinner and she continues with her plan. But as their dates pile up, his behavior is nothing but gentlemanly. He seems like any woman’s dream man and Tarn is unexpectedly drawn in by his charms…!

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she never wrote mystery for a living 3  3

To start out, the woman is a ghost writer but never says what. However, I can tell that from reading this harlequin it wasn't anything mystery, political, nor even a something that used the word clue. She decides to ruin the hero by having him fall in love with her and throw him away like he did to her cousin. All she has to go on is by the word of her cousin who was recently put in an institution for addicts and mentally troubled people. Now, apart from the friend who tells her not to jump to conclusions (friend in the end betrays her by selling news of their engagement to the paparazzi), she never stops to think that the hero was in the right. However, the heroine goes at the plan but I had real suspicions at the beginning. Here is why: when the heroine went to the institution to see the cousin and learned from the cousin that the hero was to blame, she never went to see the director, doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, or even the nurse to know who put the cousin in here or what's the plan of helping her get back on her feet. Then there was the second clue after the heroine and the hero are having a great time together even though she denies it: she goes to the cousin's home to get her things and discovers some things. This isn't including the depleted condition of the apartment or its building: a very fancy ring that matches the ring she sees later on as the grandmother's ring, a scrapbook of the hero, and a list of fancy clientele. Instead of making inquiries, she boxes them up and moves forward with her plan. If she had done some inquiries then she would have discovered that 1) the ring is a fake and you can tell you made it and have them tell you who ordered it (cousin), the list of fancy clientele was a job list that belonged to a cleaning company that the cousin worked for until recently, and what's interesting was the fact that in the apartment was no pictures of the hero and the cousin together, despite the cousin's words that they were passionately in love and engaged. Funny and not to mention that the scrapbook of the hero were mere newspaper clippings that suggest a lot of other things. However, even as the heroine fall in love with him, she still goes through the plan and ruins her happiness. It's not until she goes to the hostile where the cousin attacks her, scratching up her face and calling her names does she realize that there's something wrong with the cousin. The doctor there not pulls her aside and gives her all the answers. First, the cousin hates the heroine for stealing her dad's attention and being a big success in her career when the woman became a maid for a cleaning company. Then she develops an obsession over the hero when she's cleaning his house and disillusions herself like Fanny Squeers from Dicken's book called the The life and adventures Nicholas Nickelby. When the cousin realized her illusion was going nowhere, she committed serious property damage and stalking crimes that the hero was forced to take legal action but dropped him in order to get her the help in the institution. The heroine realizes the horrible truth that she had just ruined her happiness. However, as she lies in bed and weeps, the hero comes in her home. They have one more confrontation and the hero forgives her. It was a nice ending but I was disappointed in the heroine's investigative skills in the whole book.

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