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Joanne returns from vacation only to learn that the company she works for has been taken over! At her first meeting with the new company president, Hawk, she confronts him in a heated argument about the sudden changeover. But then, out of nowhere, Hawk appoints Joanne to a high-ranking position. Joanne, completely bewildered, decides to work at his side. However, this turns out to be a dangerous decision. Hawk toys with Joanne, lavishly showering her with affection, while reminding her all the while that it means nothing. What has Joanne gotten herself into?

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take leap for trust and love 4  4

The heroine comes back from vacation to hear the startling news that the hero has taken over the company whose founder is very dear to heroine. Not more than a minute of meeting each other, the heroine accuses him of underhanded means and very publicly states she resigns. Of course, she has no idea that the merger was done legally and with the former CEO's happy consent with his health declining. She gets a call from the hero to talk and to apologize to him. The hero's tone was uppity when talking but nevertheless, the heroine owes him an apology. The first dinner meeting is the usual conversation of the hero being flirty and believes in the philosophy of money's power extending to everyone. However, the heroine isn't swayed by his good looks and currency sign. They both learn of the lonely existence they've lived and they move onto business where the hero puts the heroine in charge of a big branch. We get an inside look into the main couple's past of foster care and bad parenting. Now, the hero continues on flirting with the heroine, yet, she keeps up the no sign to his advances. I liked reading how these two progressed their relationship that helped the other mature and changes themselves to be ready for the right moment. Then the hero asks the heroine to be his support when he goes to visit his grandfather, the one man who has been the hero's stable father figure whose health is declining. She makes a good impression on the man who gives her the hero's extended back story of not just losing his parents but also being betrayed by his fiancee and his former friend. After Christmas, the hero tells the heroine upfront that he wants to be with her and what is her cost. She simply states that she wants his love and he's not prepared for her answer. His words and nonverbal cues have the heroine realize he won't able to give her what she needs and she leaves for the office. Next thing happening is the heroine being in danger when she discovers her predecessor stealing company information for more money and is nearly silenced till the hero gives the man a hard right hook. Once the criminal is in custody, the hero sweeps the heroine away to confess his feelings from the moment he met her till now, including being confused on what to do when she confessed her love for him but realized he couldn't lose her as she ran from him. It was a nice plot and development of characters and I enjoyed it.

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