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After her fiancé abandons her, Vivienne spends her days in despair. That is, until Jack shows up. He has a mansion and a mission: to hire Vivienne as an interior designer. Vivienne has a professional history with Jack and knows his personality well: he doesn’t take no for an answer. But when she sees a different side of him, she realizes how attractive he really is. He could be the sexy savior that heals her broken heart! He doesn’t want marriage, but that suits Vivienne just fine. She asks him to make her his lover!

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Their obstacles were key. 3  3

The hero is in desperate need of the heroine's fabulous skill for interior decorating for his huge project. Yet, the heroine has refused any jobs, projects, or even assignments since her last job ended up with her fiancee dumping the heroine for the rich client's daughter who's now pregnant with his child. They don't have the first great impression what with the hero breaking down the her bathroom door when she didn't respond to her neighbor's cries for an answer. He convinces her with the big name of the project and with a fancy lunch to agree to the job. The two also start struggling with their attraction they feel for each since they have a business relationship. Their relationship that shouldn't be broken by lust, and caution is still thrown to the wind. As they inspect the place, a dangerous misstep leads to the crossing between business and pleasure. After their "activity", the two seem to be in high spirits and decide to enjoy this arrangement for a while longer. They go along, despite wanting more from their relationship for the other person. They move onward to the heroine's jilter and she requests to along to the engagement party in order to make her party as well as warn the other poor girl of the fiancee's intentions. The hero tells her that the "poor" girl isn't really so sweet because he was hired by the girl's father and she tried to seduce him to bed naked. The hero didn't take her because her behavior wasn't something he found attractive. They go to the party and make quite an impression on the engaged couple: the groom who lost his ex to a bigger guy and the bride who lost to a woman who got man she couldn't. Later, the hero decks the groom because he caught him in a quickie with another woman; poor taste for the man at his own engagement party. The groom tries to bark threats but it's the hero who brings in the firepower on telling his actions to his bride who will probably tell her Daddy. The groom calls the heroine a neat freak and the hero asks her about it. The word causes her to clam up and the hero is at a loss of what to do. This is until his mother's helps him figure out that name and its meaning stems from something from the heroine's past. The hero bides his time for the heroine to trust him again with the question. He finds the right time and she opens up. When the heroine was a child when she had a newborn baby brother that seemingly died from SID. Her mother couldn't take it and became a hoarder to the point where she wouldn't even throw garbage out. Her dad left and when the heroine was in trading school, her mother suffocated from all the things she collected that fell on her. That's why the heroine is a neat freak and likes to keep things sparse. Personally, I believed the her father made a huge mistake due to failing in his responsibilities. I get it if you leave because you have tried everything to help your wife, husband, spouse, or partner out of the pain they're in but it becomes too much for you. You go leave and try to heal yourself. However, you don't leave your child in that trash when you know well that your partner won't give them the mental and emotionally support they need. That is where he failed as a parent, it doesn't matter if he sent money for school, she needed him to hold her and tell she was his treasure. The hero weeps over the heroine's story and pulls her in for a huge. He asks the heroine to marry him but she rejects it since he wasn't the type to get married. Then hero tells the heroine that slowly she can heal with him there to support her. She confesses her love for him and agrees to marry him. I rather liked the ending.

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