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Violet, a hardworking art teacher, is dumbfounded after her older sister confesses to stealing confidential data from her workplace. Terrified, she visits the office, asking the CEO, Damien, if there is any way that he could forgive her sister's mistake. He leaves her with one solution: "You must become my fiancée." He says that this is the only way to ease his dying mother's worries. Confused by his cold nature, but taken by surprise by his hidden gentleness, will Violet agree to his terms...?

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lie to truth 3  3

Boy, the heroine's sister was dumb on this account. I don't know how she got to work in an office at an IT Company where it must say in the job description that you don't take data out of workplace!!! It never occurred to her that she would be convicted for theft at the very least and go to prison. It's only then that her sister is able to make her realize the danger she is in! Now, the heroine has to pick up after her sister by begging the hero to not sue her sister. Personally, I think the sister should suffer some form of consequence like a lot of community service. I bet there's a retirement home who need an extra pair of hands to wash the bed pans; that would be a start. The hero only agrees not to press charges if the heroine plays his pretend fiancee in order to give his mother some peace of mind that her son is not a workaholic but someone who has found a lovely girl. Then he takes her to his family home where she meets his wheel bound chair brother. They have a great time till the hero tells the family he is going to sell the home to keep it close, despite that the mansion is under his brother's name. The heroine tells him what he did wrong and he doesn't take it so well. He closes off from the heroine till later on and then opens up about himself. They develop an intimate relationship that goes on for three months. As they near the end, the heroine becomes frightened of her feelings, realizing she's in love with the hero. However, the hero sends her the wrong message by giving her jewelry as a gift. The hero quickly explains that he wants to marry the heroine but the heroine thinks he's doing to keep their lie from surfacing. She wants love in the equation and he refuses to give it to her. Their relationship ends but they are miserable without each other. Then she runs into the hero with an ex of his and runs off. The hero comes by and explains that they are nothing but friends. The hero confesses to the heroine that it's she who he loves and the one he wants to marry. The heroine says yes to this proposal with an "I love you." Finally, we end the story with a wedding.

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