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The daughter of a prominent family. That was all that her mother valued in Abigail's existence. Raised like a caged bird, there was one time that she disobeyed her mother. That was when she fell in love with a poor boy, Grant, eight years ago and got pregnant. But the summer love ended in atrocity with his betrayal. Since, she has lived her life like a doll, but one day, she is offered a marriage proposal by a man who is connected to her mother. While considering it, Grant shows up after eight years! But hatred toward her spirals in his heart...

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Oh, you have to be kidding me!!! 1  1

Man this was one of the crummiest books ever what with how it went. I can speak the plot in five sentences and then why it was so horrible: Heroine practically outcasted by mother and butler. She reunites with the hero who blames her. They have a reconciliation point. They confess their feelings to the mother and butler. Mother reveals that nephew is really the their son who she stated had died. Apparently, this whole elaborate scheme was set up by the mother and butler who were practically creeps to the heroine. I mean the woman took the heroine's baby and proclaimed it was dead that put the heroine through the ringer. This is before of course, separating the hero and heroine with her $200 dollar manicure. Of course, the mother didn't comfort but gave the heroine the silent treatment for 6+ years. Then blackmails her into marriage interviews of the chosen few using her nephew lifestyle of a cold boarding school. Yet, they had already picked out the rich diamond guy but they also had their eyes on the hero who's become a doctor. Then the mother goes on about how the heroine never was open and other bull-crockery. The woman seemed to suddenly forget her silent treatment to the heroine and how she was the magically fairy godmother who made everything right. What I couldn't believe is not the heroine forgiving her and moving on so quickly but the hero since she hid his son's identity from the heroine. The heroine was one of the biggest doormats till the very end when she breaks things off with the "fiancee" then telling the her mother that she loves the hero. She never told the fiancee for his cruel behavior to the hero's adoptive son for his "immigrant status" and "poor English skills". Excuse, but you try speaking in another language everyday from your first, it's not easier nor is writing in another language any better. The hero had issues were some were understandable but other were prejudiced. I understand dignity and integrity but we are talking about scholarships from legal businesses that can take you out of slums and into jobs that benefit others like doctors. I was just getting angrier by the minute and wondering when was it going to end. It's no wonder why the majority of readers gave this book a one star. If you want something to make you so angry, you would throttle a chicken then this is the book but not if you want to enjoy a romance.

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