Romance DARK ANGEL 1

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Luciano Da Valenza Has Been Acquitted: when Kelly read the headline, she was shocked. After he was arrested for embezzling money from a company managed by Kelly’s father, Luciano spent five years behind bars. Kelly was once seduced by the lure of the gorgeous Luciano, falling head over heels in love, heedless of caution and common wisdom. But wounded by his numerous betrayals, Kelly canceled their engagement on the eve of his arrest. And now that this man—who inherited a great fortune while he was incarcerated—is free, Kelly is terrified of his desire for revenge…

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3.5 rekindle love part 1 4  4

The heroine finds out that her ex-fiancée has been freed from prison on the account that his no good biological father let him out and that her step-sister has retracted her previous statement. Now, the hero is out for revenge against the heroine's family since he knows they set him up. The heroine is frightened on what to do because she found out from her beloved grandparents who kept it hidden that they don't own their home anymore because the hero gave them a loan in order for them to pay their dead son's selfish widowed wife off. Now, the heroine is trying to find a way to keep her grandparents from becoming homeless but the hero is ready to kick them to the curb. We also learn of the heroine's family is a bunch of selfish snobs who have always treated the heroine like she was nothing but a burden. Another thing we learn, is the heroine was manipulated by her greedy step-sister into believing the hero was seeing her even after getting engaged to the heroine. So, the heroine just breaks it off because she's not the type to confront nor confess easily. She does tell him before the fifty page mark and the hero states that he was never with the OW after he met the heroine. However, the heroine doesn't believe despite the fact she knows what a GD the OW is. She's been brainwashed all her life to not know that she worth a diamond compared to her dime a dozen step sister. The heroine does find a loophole by stating she's a worker but she gets the earth shattering news of her mother's death. The hero finally learns of the heroine's no confidence level and reveals to being illegitimate that his own father chased off with dogs till he discovered he had no heirs other than the hero. So, he's the one who gave the hero the money, which really irked the hero since he wanted to throw it in his face of buying the family home and business. He finally has coitus with the heroine but doesn't want to go back. The readers are also shown how much of low down scum the OW and her brother are. It leaves on to be continued.

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