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Tavy, the daughter of a priest, works hard after dropping out of college to support her father. Her mean boss exploits her for a small paycheck. One day, she runs into a handsome man while she’s swimming in the pond of an unkempt, old manor. When she asks him why he’s on private property, he asks her if she knows who owns the place. She finds him rather arrogant, but she has no idea… He’s a world-famous musician and he’s going to be the new owner of this manor…

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rockstar is more down to earth 4  4

The heroine is working minimum wage to a tyrannical headmistress, while secretly dating the woman's son. The woman has had it out for the heroine since the heroine's father is the pastor and is always against her ideas and opinions. The heroine situation stems that she dropped out of college to support her father when her mother died and it's been going on like that for four years. During one of her excursions, she runs into an old acquaintance with her vile mouth. Afterwards, she runs into the hero during one of her skinny dipping excursions at an abandoned mansion. The hero is already on the TW's hit list not just because he's a rock star: meaning, he's in drugs, hookers, and noise pollution. It's that he's bought the mansion that she's always wanted for her school but never could afford to have. So, she spreads all these nasty rumors about him and sadly, the heroine goes with it because she's still angry over the skinny dipping incident. As we go through the book, the heroine starts seeing him in a better light. This is because she finds out her boyfriend was using her as a front to hide his affair with the acquaintance during her marriage and the heroine gets fired by the TW because she's been secretly dating her son and thinks that with the church inspector coming to their church and its old furnishings will close them down. It means the heroine and father have to move out of the village. So, the hero offers her a secretary job and she sees him as a better person with how he treats people equally and his hobbies aren't drugs but pencils and paper to sketch. I was real peeved when the acquaintance came over to demand where the hero was and she wrote her number in lipstick on ancient wood like it was stupid bathroom mirror!!! The hero lures the heroine in with his kindness then staying up in the light hours to wash off the slander spray painted on the heroine's door. Unfortunately, the night ends them on awkward terms. So, they only communicate via email. Then on the next village meeting to provide funds for the upkeep of the church, things get heated. The TW comes under fire for not helping raise funds for the church and she slanders the heroine's father and heroine for poisoning their village by associating with the hero but the heroine defends the hero. The one who makes a difference is an old woman who turns out to be the hero's nanny and practically his family. She states the hero is paying to refund the payments. The TW doesn't stop with the smearing till her son does with news that the acquaintance dumped him. That means the TW won't get the money to buy the mansion from the hero. The news of her little scheme the villagers send into a short frenzy but the heroine's father calms things down quickly. I did like that the son apologized to the heroine for using her because he realized after the acquaintance dumped him that she did the same to him and he didn't like the feeling. The heroine forgives him and he takes his mother away. The heroine realizes the hero's isn't present and runs after him. During her run, she finally realizes that she's been denying her feelings for him and wants to tell him how she really feels. Once, she finds him; the two confess their feelings for each other. Then we get a lovely ending with a wedding. It was actually a pleasant read for me.

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