Seasonal Romance HER SECRET SANTA

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He was just the man she’d been looking for! Since the moment children’s book author Jack met Mathias at a company party, she couldn’t resist her urge to sketch him. Mathias showed up just as Jack was trying to come up with the image for the dragon to be featured in her book. His dignified demeanor made him the perfect match for what she had imagined. While Jack is trying not to get caught up in Mathias’s dangerous appeal and steamy approach, she finds herself captivated by his deep green eyes. Maybe she’d have been more cautious still if she’d known about his intentions…

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quote from メリッサ "Heartful 5  5

I really did enjoy this story with how it went. The hero is a successful businessman who has been looking for the heroine(a secretly successful writer of children's book) for about 3-5years now. I was a bit curious as to why the hero wanted her but I grew to love who they met at a party and started to connect with one another. The heroine didn't make it easy due to the fact that the last man she was with was a corporate spy and nearly ruined her family's company by using her. That was quite an ordeal for the poor woman but it did push her to follow her dream and become an author and a successful one. I love their conversations and how they seem to get back at each other. The heroine starts by painting a colorful baby dragon on the hero's black desk in his colorless. Yet, this only proves to the hero that the heroine is really his mysterious author, the realization has such an impact on him that he breaks down crying.The hero gets back at her by kissing her and back and forth with color then kiss.As we go along in the book, we see that the hero is a modern day santa For example, he helps two new stepsisters give a honeymoon for their parents who decided to save that money for the girls' college funds. Next, the hero and heroine are finally able to open up to each about their past tragic events like the heroine being duped by a sleaze ball and the hero losing his little boy to heart disease. Apparently, unlike answering all the wishes of the people he helped, he couldn't grant his son's only wish and I was about cried. It was very heartwarming. Then the hero and heroine become more intimate, things go well until the heroine finds the hero's list of finding the true identity of her pen name. That is when crud hits the fan and the heroine wants nothing to do with the hero. I was so glad that the secretary stepped in to show that the hero was looking for her to grant the wish of a sick little girl to meet her favorite author. Sadly, meeting the heroine as the author was also the wish of the hero's departed son and it was tearjerking because the heroine felt horrible. The best part was the hero didn't blame for not anything because none of it was her fault. I loved the ending of how the two of them confessed their love to each other and the plot turned throughout the book. This is definitely a book you want to read whether by rent or buy.

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