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When Misty Malone, self-described tomboy who is as stubborn as she is beautiful, goes to small-town Kentucky to attend her sister’s wedding, she meets Morgan Hudson, one of the five famous and handsome “Buckhorn brothers.” Despite the physical chemistry between the two, Misty is determined to never let another man get close to her. But as she spends more time with him, Morgan’s kind and reassuring demeanor has her questioning her resolve. Can the two overcome the secret Misty harbors about her past and admit their feelings to each other?

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very good; characters, plot, theme, and more. 4  4

The her and heroine are in-laws here for the the last book's hero and heroine. The hero acts like a dog with a bad itch around the heroine because he wants her so badly that he doesn't even know it. In fact, he accuses her of seducing all the other men in his family. The hero has to seek a comprise in order to keep the bride happy on her wedding day. The heroine goes along with her sister's though on mind then when she goes off to have a private moment, the hero goes after her. They have a passionate moment then the heroine reveals she's pregnant but the father wanted an abortion. She also tells the hero since he's a sheriff that she's a criminal because she was convicted of stealing money from the cash register at the pharmacy she worked at. So, she a pregnant woman who's unemployed. This is where the hero actually shows his good side to the heroine by carrying her to bed, offering her a job and a place to stay. The two of them spend time learning more; although, the heroine is hesitant because her male figure in her life as a child was horrible and the last guy she trusted was a jerk. Now, the hero is behaving the best he can but he can't help but flirt with the heroine. The heroine wants more from the hero like I love you but when the hero proposes marriage to the heroine and answers her questions if she looks like someone he wants to protect. He answers what's wrong with that and there's your problem. We know she is going to say no and she does. It takes a little intervention from the family for the hero to go after the heroine and have the two of them confront their feelings about each other. They openly confess their feelings to each other in front of the public of the small that bring cheers from fellow coworkers and tears from single ladies who see the hero and his brothers as hot celebrities of their town. I really loved this book and everything.

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