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His striking beauty took Charley’s breath away. He was the Italian duke Raphael Striozzi, the owner of the garden Charley had come to restore, and she was wearing work clothes covered in mud without a speck of makeup on her face! But her work in Florence, the city of her dreams, will involve more than digging in the mud—she’s staying in his mansion while she works on the property and in order to fit in she’ll be dressing to the nines when she’s not in the garden! But little does Charley know that this cheerful playboy duke has a dark secret…

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The 2nd in a series. 4  4

The heroine is in competition with other interior designers for a chance project that the hero is providing. She faces a lot of animosity from the other competitors since she's from a company with bad rumors swirling around it. Not only that, she faces criticism from purchasing horrible materials and decorations for the hero's project. These purchases were made by the mysterious family partner who disappeared and left the family with massive debt. Yet, she doesn't give up and impresses the hero with her skill to detail and commitment. He's goes with the heroine's plan because it was the best. The heroine and hero develop a strange relationship that grows. The two of them have pasts that need to be confronted and I liked how it plays out. The hero is a friendly and helpful guy who has built walls around him from his mother's unstable behavior. The heroine is a strong tomboy girl who's had to watch her family's business and reputation crumble, following her parents' deaths. However, the two of them can't resist the attraction against each other and they become closer than ever. The heroine learns that the hero is descended from a family who seem to have a genetics for a certain mental illnesses, which explains his aversion to form a connection and having a child. The hero opens up about his family's past and his fear to have a child that will inherit the illness gene. So, the hero ends their relationship and the heroine ends the project on time. Yet, before she leaves, she finds a letter addressed to the hero from his mother. Apparently, the mother wanted a child with the man she married, so she received a donor egg from an anonymous friend. She wrote in the letter that she loves the hero, despite her unstable words and changes. The heroine goes after the hero who comes to the heroine to ask for a second chance at their relationship with the option of having a child through sperm donation. The heroine shows him the letter, which helps clear the fog around the hero. The two confess their love and we have a wonderful wedding at the end.

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