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Restaurant owner Winona blushes at the burning stare from her handsome customer. It may be an old-fashioned idea, but Winona has decided she won’t cross the line with any man unless he intends marriage. Her customer’s name is Connor and he’s a detective in the middle of an undercover investigation. He’s learned that there’s a prostitution ring being run out of the restaurant and that Winona is the head of the organization. In his eyes, Winona is a devil in an old-fashioned dress, and he’s decided to seduce her to get the information he needs!

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editor's comment - February 15th, 2018

I like the style of heroine in this comic. Beautiful body line and wavy hair, indeed a devil in an old-fashioned dress. Hero suppose to be seducing her only for information but obviously there is something else.

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restaurant cover 4  4

The hero is undercover to see if an unusual restaurant is truly a cover for a prostitution ring. He suspects the heroine is the head with how she hides her curves in the old fashioned dress and decides to pursue her. The heroine has no idea her restaurant is being used as a front. After their first conversation ,the two are at loss with themselves over their fierce attraction for the other. The hero keeps seeing the heroine till he finally wears her down to accept his dinner invitation. He botches the whole thing when trying to get information by asking her if she would introduce to other people. She thinks it means that he's looking for other women and not her. He realizes his mistake is able to make it up by taking her out. By the end of the night, he's so confused on the heroine that contrasts his image of her being a madam of a prostitution ring. He starts thinking that she may be innocent in all this. After a week of radio silence, the hero has come to the conclusion the heroine is innocent. However, he's stuck with being in love with her but he's lying to her over his identity and why he first came to her place. The heroine is happy to see the hero if not cautious since he didn't come to her restaurant for a whole week. Things get more and more complicated as we go further along: 1) the hero goes all the way with the heroine, 2) the hero finds out the heroine is catering at his family's home, and 3) the heroine discovers the "strange" connection between the hero and the family she's met. The discovery causes the heroine to believe she's once again has been tricked (fiancee used her to sate his lust then left her a week before their wedding). Right before the hero can explain, a police raid is done on her restaurant and everything comes out. The hero sits her down and talks it out like how he was used the same way when he loved someone. They both confess their love and then the hero asks the heroine to marry him. She says yes and we get a happily ever after.

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Funny Characters 3  3

The couple had their weirds kirks - the girl like vintage clothing and the guy was funny to the point of idiocy. A good quick read but would have like to seen more character development. The story was too focused on the prostitution case but didn't give enough information to make it relevant.

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