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One day, Rachel's friend tells her about her husband’s affair. In that instant, Rachel’s whole world crumbles around her. She married when she was seventeen years old and believed she had the perfect life with a handsome husband who loved her and their three beautiful kids. Her husband, Daniel, is a busy CEO, so Rachel never thought twice before about his staying out late for work, but was she just being naive? Thinking there’s been some kind of mistake, she asks Daniel about it when he gets home, and he doesn’t even try to deny her allegations!

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battle for custody. 3  3

The hero and heroine meet through the unfortunate deaths of their siblings who married against the wishes of the hero's father, incurred his wrath, and had the brother blotted out of the will and home. Now, that he's dead and has left a child behind, the father wants to raise the boy with him into a cold creature with no love. The heroine refuses to hand over her nephew, knowing what a sad place it was from her brother-in-law's stories. She tries to fight them in court but she loses guardianship over the nephew sadly. The hero sees what a negative impact the lack of the heroine's presence has on the boy and sets to give the three of them a fun day. He also explains that his father hasn't had an easy life which has made him give up that love exists at all. It is both sad and understandable but it doesn't exempt the man from his rude behavior to his only grandchild. The hero and heroine come to a comprise to have the heroine spend time with the nephew but it doesn't stop her from fighting in court. Then there was an interesting scene, the hero tells the heroine that he's taking the nephew to the movies with his "fiancee" but the fiancee comes to the place, demanding to know where the hero is. They have the usual confrontation of who belongs and who doesn't. However, the heroine is able to figure out the lie the hero conjured to win in court. She confronts him angrily but he tells her to cool off. Later, he comes back during the storm and they come together more intimately. The next morning, the father confronts the heroine with all the accusations of how she's trying to steal the family money and threatens to do horrible things if she doesn't leave. the heroine stands her ground till the father involves the hero and the heroine backs off. She leaves and the hero knows immediately it was the father's doing and makes his stand agains the father. He leaves the father and takes the little boy to the heroine. They have an I love you confession between the two and get married.

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