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Maram finally has a chance to be with the prince of her dreams. Prince Amjad, the heir to the throne of Zohayd, had sent for Yusuf—but when he falls ill, Yusuf sends his daughter, Maram, in his place. Maram first met Amjad four years ago and she hasn’t been able to get him out of her head since. Maram wants to mend Prince Amjad’s wounded heart—after his wife betrayed him he became a cruel and brutal man—and now, in the dunes of Zohayd, she has her chance. Amjad’s sublime beauty sets her heart aflame, but little does she know the prince has a wicked plan in store for her—one upon which rests the fate of all of the kingdom!

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she is a little fire 4  4

When I first read the opening, I felt the hero had the right to punish his wife, considering that she was slowly poisoning him for six months that led him sent him into a coma. She did with her lover and her actions caused him to become the cold hearted man from then eight years present day in the book where he meets the heroine. The heroine has a reputation in the land of sand where as a seductress for her failed marriages. What I liked about her was her positive comeback with the hero, showing that she was afraid of him. I was impressed with her as was the hero for her strength and courage. The hero and his brothers know that the heroine's father has taken a nation's treasure that if proven the hero's family has lost it then they would lose significant power. So, they set up a trap to hold the heroine hostage and she has no idea. As the reader, I was shocked that it was a trap. Before this lovely bit of information comes out, the heroine and hero spend time together cooking, cleaning, and more. They learn more about each like the heroine didn't have the best childhood with her mother or that her first marriage was a political/caretaker to a very old man who was so supposed die in 6 months but it dragged on for six years and when he died, she ran to North America and found herself in one of those passionate but short lived marriages. I was happy that she picked herself up, went to graduate school and started her own firm. Unfortunately, the hero doesn't believe a lot of what the heroine said to him until she tells him why he inspired her. These words touch him and they fall into bed. Sadly, the truth about the trap comes out and the heroine is fit to be tied with the hero. Now the roles are reversed and it's the hero who tries to get the heroine to believe in him. I did like that even though she was about to leave him, she came help to in getting the nation's treasure. However, her father doesn't have it but the hero and his brothers suspect a Queen who won't squeal even when they arrested her. It takes a secret fake engagement for the group to find the treasure and they did. During their search, we did get to see jealousy roll off the hero as he watched the heroine talk with other men. The two have to separate again cause the incident has caused an uproar in the royal cabinet. Then the hero forfeits his right to succession and gives it to his brother. Once the heroine learns about it, she goes after the hero and the hero confesses his love to her. It's really sweet. I enjoyed this book.

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