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In the beautiful city of Barcelona, Ellie met Sandor, a man like a black lion born in a country of sun, and fell in love. Unfortunately, Sandor was not in love and he dumped Ellie unceremoniously. Now, four years later, the man is her father’s new client. And he’s greeted her as if they’d never met before! Ellie is hurt by this, but once they’re alone, Sandor brings up the time they spent together in Barcelona. What on Earth is he planning?

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The story didn't capture me entirely, it was just fine. We have the heroine who's been doing everything she can in order to please her father who has the "son is better than daughter" attitude. Personally, I don't know how the man can act like that given with his history. Then he calls upon a client who happens to be a hidden ex of the heroine's from three years ago. The two of them are rather surprised but act like it's their first meeting. The hero quickly figures out by her involvement with volunteering at a local orphanage as well as her father's loud insensitive comments that she grew up unloved and tries to find it where she can. He's not the only one who figures out one's past; the heroine discovers not only did he grew up as out of wedlock child who held the disdain and love from his grandfather but that his father tried to convince his mother to come with him. However, the mother didn't want to leave the grandfather and has never told the hero. So, imagine his surprise when he learns that his father didn't abandon them. We finally get the reason why they broke up: they sent the wrong image. It was more than a matter of miscommunication, it was the fact that they weren't ready to show their vulnerable side and ended up chasing the other away. They go at right after everything is cleared when another mystery pops up when a mysterious woman appears in magazines who looks like the heroine. The hero is distraught over the heroine's betrayal and breaks up with her, despite her pleas. She goes to the sources (her cranky father) and learns she was a twin whose sister was stolen after their birth. The father states he gave up because between his wife's death and the disappearance of his daughter led him to break away from it. The heroine states that he not only did it to the sister but to her as well and I agree. If I had lost two precious family members like that then I would have turned into Norma Bates. I would have done everything to hold my child close but the father barely acknowledged her existence. Then the father orders her to not interfere but she decides to defy her dad for the first time and see the long lost sister. During this time, the hero starts doubting whether the heroine is really the woman in the picture and realizes he's made a horrible mistake. He runs after the heroine and apologizes for not trusting her as well as offering her his help. The heroine takes him up on it because she needs it. They meet the sister who's shocked at the similarities then the mother who goes white as a ghost. The mother finally confesses her crime: the poor woman lost both husband and unborn child that led her to become a husk. When she saw the twins and heard the mother was dead, she took one in order to replace the dead mother in a fit of desperation. She came to her senses too late but couldn't let the sister go because she loved her. Then the crappy father comes in and does something unthinkable: he writes a check to keep the whole finding his long lost daughter silent because he thinks they want to claim his assets and stuff. I'm sorry but I think I can speak on behalf all parents whose children were kidnapped that his behavior is horrible. This man fails to realize that his baby girl is not only alive but safe and healthy. The man should be shouting angry words at the woman for robbing him of his daughter or at the least crying tears of joy that his daughter, his baby girl is alive. After the father writes the check, the hero asks the mother for permission and she consents to him ripping up the check in front of the father. He lets the man have it with how awful he's being and the heroine deserves better. He even shrugs off the man's threats of breaking their business deal and he's not the only one. The heroine tells her dad that she's done with him and is quitting the company and him out of her life. The man leaves furious. The hero and heroine have their little confession of love. The next thing is the two dating with the sisters connecting with each other. We fast forward a year to our main couple's wedding day where the hero gives the heroine a real surprise. The father appears, apologizing for everything he's done to the heroine. The heroine accepts his apology and we have a good ending with a wedding

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