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Kristin, an editor, landed an interview for her dream job at a prestigious newspaper, and it was scheduled to take place at the paper owner’s castle! She was excited about the opportunity right up until she met the editor in chief, Matthew. Lo and behold, the two had had an encounter ten years earlier! In her mind she was suddenly eighteen again and working as a model. That was when a nude photo of her was taken and printed in the paper without her permission. When she found the man responsible dining at a restaurant, she’d thrown the contents of a glass of water at him. And that same man stood in front of her now!

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ten years and finally love 4  4

The heroine is in the process of getting her dream job with only one more obstacle to go through. Sadly, that obstacle turns out to be the hero who ruined her modeling career ten years ago. It turns out they have to work together and the hero gives her glares. So, she decides to show him samples of her work after the evening party but things go wrong. Their old fashioned host discovers them and it leads them to lie in order not to ruin their chances. This reunion does give her an opportunity of what happened to the hero when she shamed him publicly that he lost his job interview and his girlfriend. Now, she's more afraid then ever of him discovering it was her but she gets the job with a probation period. The two maintain their charade of a fake engagement, gradually coming closer and closer to each other. Then the heroine meets the hero's ex from ten years ago and wonders if the hero is still in love with her. Then the truth finally comes out when the hero comes banging on the heroine's story with news that their collided past was dug up. The two are able to listen and apologize to each other for what happened. The heroine also learns it wasn't the hero who let the photo be printed but his assistant. Things go well till the another obstacle of the hero stating the heroine going over his head to have a particular article printed but the heroine claims it was boss's daughter who is a fan that pushed it. Hot words are exchanged and the heroine runs off to clear her head. The hero follows her and they are able to come to a truce of enjoying a vacation. Things start to go well but the heroine thinks the hero's in love with his previous ex. It takes a threatening situation for the hero to ask the heroine to marry him. The heroine finally lets out her doubts about the ex who the hero reassures that he was the one who broke up their relationship. Apparently, the man was getting tired of the woman's greedy personality and how she insisted on coming to the interview to meet a far more richer man than the hero. The hero and heroine accept their love for each other and we get a sweet ending of a wedding and a cute one page epilogue.

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