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Physiotherapist Stephanie has a new job, which turns out to be a request from a millionaire to help his younger brother, who is unable to walk. She never could have guessed that the millionaire is one of her favorite actors—he’s Jordan Simpson! After an accident on the job, he shut himself away behind his dark eyes and in his mansion. Stephanie fights her attraction to him—those thoughts are unprofessional and she must hide them. But that task suddenly becomes a lot harder once Jordan steals a kiss from her!

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editor's comment - March 2nd, 2018

Hero looks shabby and appearance of heroine definitely give him a reason to stop pouting and move on. It is obvious that he still has his confidence in him, he just need a push. It supposed to be professional but that kiss changed everything to so personal.

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The heroine is hired by the hero's older brother to help him rehabilitate since his incident and she's the best person who can help the hero in his wounded and beastly state. The man has chased every physiotherapist hired or sent because of his rude attitude. Of course, the heroine doesn't back down and stays on but it doesn't diminish her shock that the hero is her all time favorite actor. I did like that she tried to maintain a professional mode and how she cleans his disgusting house; it was really vile with all the garbage around. The hero isn't the only one with problems; the heroine is being sued by a client's wife for seducing her husband when she never did such a thing. The hero slowly starts to trust her by shaving his beard as the first step. Although, it doesn't lessen his suspicion of her even when he's the one who's initiating the kisses and all. Later, the heroine's resistance flies out the door when the hero pulls her into his lap for a kiss and more. Luckily, they're interrupted by the hero's twin brother but I wasn't happy that the heroine forgot to keep her head and professional mind intact. The hero finally goes along with the treatment in order to see his sick mother and show her that he's alright. Yet, the heroine rejects his offer since she's crossed the line between therapist and client. This sparks the hero to lie about the whole thing was him playing around in order to get her to stay. Next, is the whole misunderstanding where the hero only hears part of the conversation but hearing another man's name makes him roil with jealousy. He accuses the heroine of cheating and such. I was glad that his older brother caught him after the heroine ran out in tears to chastise him on his behavior and the heroine's private life is private. He does apologize with the "I'm sorry," but then he has the heroine sleep on his bed then rolls over on top of her. They go at it and the heroine regrets the whole thing because she flew over the line, not crossed over it. The hero tries to convince that it's okay but he uses the wrong choice of words. She takes off with the hero running after her and the vice versa thing happens when the heroine reveals she's a fan and the hero takes it the wrong way. Now, he thinks she was only with him in because he's her favorite star. To put the cherry on top of his whole debacle, the suing wife comes in like a tornado and demands to know where the heroine has hidden her husband. The hero is able to talk some sense into the woman leaving. The whole thing actually makes them more calmer to talk things out. Sadly, they don't say those three little words and separate. Happily, the hero's brother hired a detective who discovered the woman's husband is an affair but with his boss's wife. He was just using the heroine as a scapegoat. Her sister tells her the man did it because the hero asked him. Then after seeing the hero on tv with another woman, the heroine opens the door to see the hero standing before her. During their three month separation, the hero has gone through physical therapy and become more mobile without a cane. They confess their love and we get a happy ending wedding.

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