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Billionaire Jack saved Kaye right before she was about to marry someone awful. Jack proposed to marry her himself, and he settled all of her family’s debts using his own assets. Kaye was grateful beyond words. She was already in love with Jack before he saved her, so the prospect of marrying him delights her. But something has happened and now Jack assumes that Kaye is only after his money. While their feelings for one another are growing stronger, they remain unable to admit it to each other—and soon their fragile bond will be tested. Will they be able to weather the storm?

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It's still building.... 3  3

We start off with the hero doing his usual dangerous sport and end up injured. The whole incident has the heroine finally figuring out she does love the hero but she's too afraid to tell him because of how people who have abused her love for them. Our two elderly gentlemen see the discontent in the our couple and decide to make it their mission to help the couple reach their feelings for each other. The heroine does start getting a little stronger in voicing her opinion to the people like the hero, her selfish mother (not too much), and her stupid, stupid brother. This idiot of a man would have gotten a screech and a rolling pin from me for the things he did. He uses his new brother-in-law's name in order to free service on his "mental health trip" in Italy!!!! Excuse me, Mr. Pleasure before Economy!!! Then he has the gaul to slip his credit card debt invoice in his sister's purse after she refused to have the hero pay for the boy's bill. The hero decides to pay, despite that the hero knowing the money-alcoholics are like drug addicts. If you give them more then they won't break the habit. Instead, he thinks the heroine is still the same woman who's using him for his money like his ex-wife (he can bite his own tongue for that thought). The heroine is finally able to give the opportunity by our fairy godfathers to the hero of the truth behind the credit card bill. The whole breaks into a much needed argument in order for them to make a step forward in their relationship. Then we get the horrible self invite of the mother and brother. Now, this is one of two times where the mother actually sounded like she was making progress. She tells the heroine that she was told by the grandfather that her abandoning the heroine when she was young made a traumatic impact on her (ARE YOU BLIND, YOU IDIOT????). Then she admits she was wrong but she doesn't say sorry to the heroine. The heroine takes it as it is but I was peeved at what happened next. The hero is ambushed by his ex-wife who changed her look from flamboyant Fanny to Wednesday from Adams Family with her usual threats of taking the daughter back. They go back home where everyone finds out that the mother let her man child of a son take the hero's fourteen year old daughter to a night club. HOW COULD YOU BE THAT IRRESPONSIBLE AND STUPID!!!! I mean, the woman doesn't think her son could be sent to prison with no protest from judge or jury for taking a minor out to a club with alcohol and drugs at 11:30 at night!! That's a blasted Amber Alert reason and the perfect one for the horrible wife to get custody of the daughter. I couldn't even add brownie points to the mother for pointing out the ex-wife's achilles heel of getting old and ugly with no young men to kiss her feet because of what she did. The hero and heroine run out and quickly find the brother and daughter. I was so proud when the brother pulled his dumb cherub face, asking the heroine how he'll get home and she tells him to walk. The mother finally apologizes for her actions that stemmed from jealousy of seeing the heroine happy and leaves but the damage is done. Now, the hero and heroine come up with a real problem with the ex-wife's lawyer who's a man who wins all his cases through any means. Then a miracle happens: the heroine's brother finally does something right. He goes to offer himself as boy toy to the hero's ex-wife and turns out he has a thing for women who are like his mother, since he's such a mama's boy. He's run off with the ex-wife who has dropped case because she's happy to have a young man fawning over her. With the lawsuit dropped, everyone is happy but the heroine worries her role as the hero's wife is over. So, the hero's father sends the heroine out to the vacation spot where they first met in order to get the ball rolling. During which, the daughter points out to a trinket the hero has is the same one the heroine has as well. Knowing she kept that trinket for six years spurs the hero to go after the heroine, only to find her missing. He's given big clues by his father of where she is. When he reaches her, he shows her the trinket and confesses his love for her. The heroine confesses her love back and that is the end.

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