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A couple’s loving marriage begins to unravel after their second miscarriage. James is worried about his wife, Megan, and the anguish she is going through. Meanwhile Megan is distressed by the fact that James doesn’t love her. Before they married, he told her that he could never love another person ever again. And so Megan musters her courage and comes up with a bold plan to gain his love and bring warmth to their house once again. She’s going to become irresistibly sexy and seduce her husband!

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from loveless to love 3  3

Our story begins right after the heroine suffers a second miscarriage. She has been in a contract-loveless marriage with the hero for a couple of years, despite being in love with the man himself. Now, she thinks that with the loss of their child that her husband is becoming distant and he will leave her soon because she can't give him that dream of a house full of children. This isn't true because the hero wants to give the heroine space and a chance to heal from the pain by orders of the doctor. Sadly, their communication is frazzled with each other making the wrong assumptions about the other. It also doesn't help the heroine to overhear rumors about why the hero and his first wife divorced. We get a look of how they met and the progress that led up to their marriage. The heroine starts finding the strength to forward and decides to woo her husband, it is supposed get easier when the hero takes a two week vacation with the heroine to relax and bond. However, the hero struggles to remain stone and the heroine thinks she's not attractive enough for him. It doesn't last for long when they are alone and the hero expresses his passion for how beautiful she looked. However, the hero is still following doctor's orders of no sex till she gives the okay, failing to see she is saying okay. So, his attempts of healing his wife are miscommunicated to her and leaves her confused at the hero's behavior. The hero starts associating the words love and heroine but it scares him because of the lies his ex-wife spouted, using the word love in them. Then things go south when the hero sees contraceptive pills in the heroine's purse. Now, he thinks the heroine has given up on children but doesn't say anything because he loves her. Then the heroine gets caught in a storm, rescued by a male friend who takes her to his villa and then we get the huge misunderstanding between the hero and heroine. The hero sends the heroine away and she's heartbroken over her loss. The friend tells the hero what a fool he's being and shows him the proof what the heroine wants through her drawings. The hero sees she wants the same as him: a family with each other. He runs after the heroine but misses her till she tells the pilot to go back to the hero. The hero says sorry for what all the cruel things he said to the heroine and confess his love to the heroine. The heroine accepts his love and they plan to strengthen their love for each other. We fast forward three years later to the heroine sketching her around 2 year old son pretending to be a sea otter. We get a cute ending with the hero and heroine kissing.

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