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While working part-time in a high-end department store in London during the Christmas season, Cassie recommends some candles to an especially gorgeous customer, who then buys half a dozen of them. When the man, Giancarlo, invites her to dinner, she turns him down. When he forgets to take his candles with him, she ends up delivering them herself. But when she arrives, a romantic dinner with a sexy man awaits her. Could there be any harm in sitting down at the table?

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Christmas spirit goes beyond december 5  5

I must admit the hero was very smooth in the seducing department when it came to the heroine. The two meet at a department store where the hero leaves his already bought purchase behind and has the heroine go to personally deliver it to him. We're not even at fifty pages before the hero and heroine are in bed and doing the passion-making. The next morning, the heroine loses her job over a system error and the hero invites her to spend her days with him until Christmas with his intentions of no long term relationship upfront to the heroine. The heroine agrees and I have nothing to say because she's a grown adult and she can do what she wants and live with the aftermath. The heroine learns that the hero has a twin brother who inherited everything and the hero's girlfriend ( wanted to marry her) dropped him like a hot potato to run after the brother. I like how the heroine doesn't let the hero's negativism against christmas get her down and she pushes to give the hero a happy christmas like making christmas treats and giving the hero a positive view who is affected by her bright personality. Everything goes well until the hero admits that she's a mistress. She leaves him to go back but it's only a short while till she discovers that she's pregnant and calls to tell the hero the news because he does need to know. The hero comes with the proposition of marriage and they argue but agree to make the marriage work. The two of them go back to Italy to see the hero's family for the first time in years. They come home to find the twin brother in a wheelchair with a old house and a broken relationship with his wife (still the hero's ex-girlfriend) who's more interested in traveling around the world than being a wife and a mother. It's after the men leave that the wife shows her stripes. Our main couple leave and they have a passionate intercourse but a fight because the heroine thinks that the hero is thinking of the OW during intercourse. They have a fight but a miscarriage scares them straight to opening their feelings to each other. Luckily, the baby is fine and after a few years, we get to see the unborn baby has grown into a cute little girl, the twin brother divorced the OW and he and his little girl look happier than before. The ending was really good and I really liked it.

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