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A crash reverberates throughout the land. A nurse named Hana, who provides medical care in North Africa, is surprised when a stunningly handsome man who had been transporting relief materials is brought in wounded. It is Alim El-Kanar, a great hero from her home country. He is the sheikh who brought prosperity to his country, yet he is considered missing after having disappeared. Why is he here? If he is truly who she believes him to be, his presence alone puts them all in danger. Behind the scenes, Hana is determined to prevent the hands of evil from reaching him.

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didn't see that coming. 4  4

My reason for the title will come later, yet, I would like say what happened. The hero is delivering medical relief in Africa when he's pursued by some bully's henchmen. He is able to safely transport the medical supplies but gets hurt in the process. It's where the hero and the heroine (a nurse) meet when the villagers bring him in. She finds out that he's the missing Arab sheikh and uses him ( as a fake husband) to keep the henchmen from taking her back to their lecherous boss who kills the husbands of the women he wants. So, it won't be long till he comes to kill the hero and now they have to leave. The two of them travel through the jungle; they get to know each other. One example is the reason the hero ran away from his home country was because of the guilt he was felt from his older brother, the first heir's death in a car crash and has been working to provide relief to third world countries for three years. Yet, wasn't the hero's fault at all. The hero also learns that his little brother is struggling both in governing their country and in his relationship with his wife (who was the arranged fiancee of the first brother). Unfortunately, only the heroine is able to escape and the hero is left at the hands of the horrible men. Nine days pass, the heroine is helping in another refugee camp and has been reunited with the hero. They leave for the United Nations to campaign against the bad guy who was after the heroine. However, the heroine's skeleton in the closet comes out: ( Reason for title) She is married but she does not have a husband. Apparently, five to six years, the heroine lived in Australia where she shared the same as the hero and had her own arranged fiancee. However, the her fiancee's brother ( a piece of crud) attacked her to force into an inappropriate situation. When the heroine's father finds them before anything happens; he believes the man's story over his own daughter. Her father wrote the contract down and the heroine found out that the brother thought if he married the heroine then he could run away to Australia to smuggle drugs but the heroine's parents and sister don't believe her. So, she ran away and has been working for relief for five years. We did get a confession from love the two and I found it to be quite sweet. Happily, the heroine's marriage is cancelled and the heroine's family want to see her. I was a bit surprised that the hero has a western dress for the heroine to wear in his home country. The reunion between the heroine and her family is tense, which seemed to be a perfect time for the hero to announce his intention to marry the heroine. The heroine hesitates and wants a few days to spend with her family. Unfortunately, the papers find out about the heroine's skeleton and blow the whole thing completely out of proportion. The hero protects the heroine on international tv. It causes the heroine to go after the hero, they have a wonderful reunion I enjoyed it immensely.

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