Historical Romance ONE NIGHT WITH A RAKE

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Amanda is sleeping, held in strong, warm arms. She reaches out to kiss the man who holds her, but to her surprise, he is not her husband but a naked, handsome stranger. Searching through her memory, Amanda remembers that she was knocked out in a stagecoach accident before she ended up here. This stranger protected her during the accident, so she thanks him and asks for his name. To both of their surprise, the handsome stranger has forgotten everything—the accident, his own name, everything…

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The heroine finds herself in a bit of a pickle with sharing a stage coach with a stranger alone. It's because any man she seems to encounter will be used agains her by her dead husband's nephew in taking her home and hand. Things only get worse when they get into an accident and the heroine wakes up to people calling the gentleman her husband. The only thing that top it off is the afce he's not sure if he is her husband because he has no memory who he is. The amnesic man has no money or identity, leaving them both in the lurch. As the two spend time together, the hero learns of the heroine's latest issue with her in-laws. So, he decides to help her keep the whole matter a secret and she gives him a job to support himself till he get his memory back. The heroine is smart and has an eye for detail because she can see from the hero's clothes and books are high quality and since he came from London, they should be able to find some shops where he'll be recognized. The one thing the hero can remember is a beautiful woman who the heroine assumes is his wife. Afterwards, the hero sees the a portrait of the husband who he thinks is her father but when she corrects him, he jumps to the conclusion of her being sold. She explains it was the only option with her family in dire need but the husband was a good husband who asked the heroine on his deathbed to find love and marry again. Her story jogs a memory but nothing on his identity. Then the rude nephew interrupts and lies about the heroine and him marrying soon. The three meet at again at a party where the some keywords said and a knock to the head cause the hero to remember who he is and he's a bachelor noble (rake too) with money. He also saves the heroine from the nephew when he forces himself on her. The situation quickly fires up then dies when the nephew runs off after learning the hero's true name. The hero pulls the heroine in for a kiss and she thinks things are moving forward. That is until the hero runs off when he hears his ex-fiancee has gone to marry a man. He doesn't leave the heroine much hope of returning and she tries to maintain a brave face. When she's invited to an outing, she meets the ex-fiancee that's a pretty little eighteen year old girl. The heroine can see the how the hero can be smitten but is even more hurt when she reunites with the hero who orders her to stay away from the fiancee in a cold tone. The heroine is hurt but maintains stature, she evens encourages the girl that the hero does loves her and not give up. Later, she sees the girl being taken away in carriage by a man who's had more scandals than anyone in high society. She runs after them in an attempt to save the girl but it turns out to be a trap laid out by the girl because she's jealous of the heroin and wants to hurt the her. When I mean hurt, I mean watch with a smile as the heroine is raped by different men. The heroine figures out quickly the reason the hero told her to stay away from the girl was because he knew she was involved. Fortunately, the creeps are called away long enough for the hero to help the heroine. But they are caught by the girl who sets off the alarm. They're only able to win because the hero got some of his men to disguise themselves as robbers and overpower the henchmen. The hero pulls the girl aside and states that he's going to protect her because he promised her mother that he would. He somehow magically pulls the girl to their side because she apologizes but I just wanted one whack, one pow, one fist to the girl's nose on her bad behavior. She does get sent to a convent and hopefully the punishment they serve will be just as painful as a broken nose. Afterwards, the hero reveals the girl's mother was the one blonde woman he remembered who was forced into a marriage with an old man, given an unhappy marriage. The hero saw history repeating itself with the girl and set out to save her. The hero confesses that the heroine is the only woman he loves and states he wants to marry her. She happily says yes and we have a nice ending.

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