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Hope is shocked to learn about the death of her ex-husband, Jack, on the news. Hope married Jack when she was eighteen, and Jack lived a glamorous lifestyle as a popular singer. Hope was always lonely, but Jack’s younger brother Guy was always by her side. Since her divorce, Hope has lived with her daughter. Then Guy comes to tell Hope about the death of his brother. Meeting Guy after thirteen years stirs up old feelings in Hope’s heart. She mustn’t let anyone know her secret!

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cons outweigh the pros 1  1

I really couldn't enjoy this one. There were so many cons to the husband, I can't figure out why the woman went back him for the one ( I can't even call it a con) she has. So, we have a heroine who's 17 and marrying a 34 to 35 year old famous musician because he was the one who came to visit her father when he was in the hospital and comforted her when he died. So, she's in love and ready to be his wife. However, the heroine learns after discovering she's pregnant and telling the husband that he doesn't want children. That's con #1 So, he sends her to his mother home where his older brother (the hero) visits on the weekends. Now, the hero is like a Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory who states facts in a not so pleasant way. He comments that his younger brother must not be taking care of the heroine from the state she's in when he arrives. Then throughout her whole pregnancy, she develops a good friendship with the husband's mother but the husband barely comes to see and when he does, he is drunk and runs off to a party to have fun. He doesn't sit down to talk, have a meal, or even ask how her pregnancy is progressing. That is con#2. Then here comes con#3, the heroine has a stillborn birth and instead of running to her side to hug and comfort her; the husband sends flowers and an empathy card. HELLO! Your wife gave birth to your dead son, she's suffering and your brother was the one who had to hold her as she cried. Now, after a month of recuperating, she goes with the husband on his tour. This after the hero tells her that his brother won't look after her when she gets sick. The hero is stating the truth but not in a nice way. Now, the husband is drunk and forces the heroine to have sex, despite the fact she's still recovering from the stillbirth and making him homemade meals because eating out isn't good for your health. Not more than two weeks later, the heroine collapses, sent to the hospital where the doctor says that it's unlikely, she'll be able to have another baby. Now, what does the husband do? He says, you can still enjoy life? OH COME ON!!!! Where are your hugs, of whispers of "I'm right here for you", or even holding her hand. That was con#4 and I wish she had given his lawyer the divorce papers there and then. Now, she wants a stable home and decides to stay with her best friend, even though the husband is against it. So, she finds out at the airport that she'll be staying back at the mansion with the hero and the mother. Here's con#5, during her stay at the mansion, the heroine gets a letter from her best friend, the one she was supposed to be staying with that she's been sleeping around with the husband and she feels guilty, so she sent a letter. The heroine done at that point and who swoops in to be right there for her: the hero. He takes her out on the yachts with friends, takes her dinner, makes her feel that she's worth so much more than what husband has treated her as. Shoot! He evens remembers the stillborn baby boy's name, something not even the husband remembers. It isn't too long before the two of them decide to come together and leave. The heroine is packing, getting the divorce papers ready but looks who shows up but the husband. He's all apologies, wants the heroine back, and I say drop his dead hide. Then he points out how he accepts the fact that she can't have kids anymore. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! This causes the heroine to think with her being infertile the hero won't want her anymore. How can he not want her when he's been there for her and knows her troubles?. Don't forget the only pro that the husband has is that he has a job. That one pro is outweighed by the five cons based on his words and actions in the past year but she goes back to him and leaves a broken hearted and angry hero. Now, it's not long that she discovers she's pregnant and the husband throws a temper tantrum (con#6) over having another kid. It takes con#6 for her to finally divorce but she can't get a settlement because the hero handled the divorce proceedings. Now, we're in present day from fourteen years ago and the heroine learns on the tv that her ex-husband died in a accident and the thirteen year old daughter is hurt and hateful. Why? This is because two years ago, the husband introduced himself as the girl's father to the girl, made a bunch of empty promises, broke them and the little girl's heart. Now, the hero comes in and it's tension in the air because the girl isn't the husband's child but the hero but he doesn't know and the husband found out when the heroine told him in a fit of anger over the fact that he kept leaving the little girl hanging on his empty promises. Now, it's chaos of the hero admitting he was in love with the heroine, the heroine wanting to tell the hero and we all know that crud hits the fan when the hero finds out the truth. He's not happy one bit then suddenly after sex, they're okay and have fallen back in love. I'm sorry, but these was a too windy and twisted path for me.

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