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Pure Romance DREAM'S END

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Eleanor is crushed when she learns that her boss, Curry, whom she has always longed for, has no interest in her as a woman. Especially when she has been working so hard for him. So when her good friend Jim offers her a new job, Eleanor decides to give up on love and leave her boss. The moment she turns in her resignation, Curry unleashes an onslaught of cruel, insulting words. Yet when Eleanor fights back, she’s shocked that Curry responds with an intense, deep kiss!

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poor example for cowboys 2  2

This is a long one if you aren't interested in reading long ones.The man must have been kicked in the head by a horse as a child to say such cruel things about the heroine. So, the heroine has been the hero's on the go secretary for three and has catered to everything: when he was sick, she nursed him, sharing a burger and movie as friends, and never complained when the stupid man woke her up at 2am in the morning in order for her to answer the man. During this time, she has fallen in love with him but he's dating the red head model and doesn't see the heroine that way. In fact, when he runs into a neighbor who tells him he came to see the heroine and the hero just runs his mouth off about how the heroine doesn't have the value of a woman and she should be grateful he took her. Shoot! His girlfriend was telling him how mean he was talking about the heroine when she has shown true hard work and loyalty and he replies what does a country bumpkin with no sex appeal need? He says all this in front of the heroine whose back is turned to him. I was so surprised she didn't a wine glass, throw it at the hero and shout I quit! It's the friend who's also the neighbor who defends the heroine's honor and shouts she deserves a better boss than him. The friend encourages her to quit and she only does it when she tells the hero that the friend made her an offer and he flies off the roof. I mean if I wanted to keep a talented person at my side, I would say nice things and remind them of how important they are but NOOOOOOOOO! The hero just has to insult the heroine by calling her an old maid and someone who wouldn't go for 5 dollars at an auction shouldn't be so high and mighty. I really didn't want the hero to be the hero in that moment. Let's not forget the hero proposed to the model, despite his reservations on marrying because when his mother divorced his dad, his dad committed suicide. She goes out with the friend again and the hero sees her all dolled up and asks if she was with the neighbor the night he said all those horrible things. Now, the hero can't put two and two together to figure out that by probably saying all those mean things to the heroine, he pushed her to hand in her notice and he should apologize for his behavior. Again, he shouts at her and says she shouldn't be infatuated with a divorcee with a kid. EXCUSE ME! What gives you the right to say that, because I'd rather go on a date with a gentleman who's divorced than a single bull-head cowboy!!! So, the heroine and friend go out but the heroine had too much whisky and the friend brings her home to sulking hero. He thinks that the friend was bringing her home to take advantage of her; let's forget the friend is a total gentleman and think, HOW WOULD HE IF YOU WERE IN THE HOUSE????? After a sober session, the two of them talk with the hero saying he wasn't really making fun of the heroine, he just didn't want to lose her. That was such a pathetic excuse not including the fact he hasn't said sorry for saying that stuff in the first place and I'm so ticked that I'm going to respond to his sentence with this phrase: "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.". The heroine still wants to leave because of the words he said hurt her and he tries to brush it off with flattery but it doesn't work on the heroine and I say good for her. The next morning he's back to being a donkey's behind and bull-headed nincompoop who's going to work the heroine hard for the last two weeks he has her. It's not long before another confrontation that results in a forced kiss from the hero and it's her first one. The next morning, the model girlfriend comes over and the heroine has a better relationship with her. The two talk and the model talks about not wanting to give up her life because she likes being a model and how the hero will have to deal with it if he plans on marrying her. The heroine is hurt by the model's words and the hero comes in and I swear to Friday, he acts like Lady Tremaine from Cinderella, asking if she has enough work to do until he gets back and if she finishes earlier then she can organize the files!!! Now, the heroine goes on another nice dinner with the friend whom she encourages to introduce himself to the lady of his desires. The introduction is a success and the neighbor thanks the heroine for her help. Once the heroine is back home, the hero is all huff and puff about where's she been dressed like that. Finally and I mean Finally, the hero actually uses the words," I'm sorry" for the things he said that night at the restaurant. Then he talks about the model girlfriend not wanting to leave her home and how he wants a woman to bear him a son and I'm thinking, "Get out of there, heroine!!" She seems to hear me but not soon enough for the hero to start making a pass at her and wanting more. The heroine rejects him, saying she doesn't want to be his helping when the girlfriend is out. The next morning, the hero invites the heroine to watch the cowboys work for the first time and it all goes well until a bull gets the hero with its horns and the heroine distracts it. The hero is angry over the heroine's actions and says some awful things again. Then admits he was scared because he didn't want her to be hurt and they share a kiss. The next morning goes well and the two go out for a picnic and things start getting hot until the heroine remembers that the hero is still engaged to the model. She tells the hero this but he replies that he wants her but the heroine says she can only go the whole way if there's a ring in the future and the hero goes back to being just a jerk. He rants about how all worthless women want the same thing. The heroine shuts him down with how unfair his judgement is and he throws a fit, calling the heroine ugly and that he could have any woman he wanted. After that, it's a gloomy atmosphere and a dark good-bye. The neighbor comes to pick the heroine up and tells the hero that he's invited to the wedding, which he thinks is the neighbor's and heroine's wedding. This new shots the hero but not enough to say something nice. He still acts like such a jerk to the heroine, even on her last day. The heroine leaves and has a happy time working for the neighbor. She learns that the hero and the model broke off their engagement. Then she's called back by the housekeeper to help the hero get out of his stupor. The heroine goes to see the hero and finds him looking gaunt and ghastly. The heroine hears from the hero that he found the model in bed with the photographer and the hero hears from the heroine that the neighbor married the woman he's been wanting to be, the restaurant owner's daughter. The news puts the spring in the hero's step who grabs the heroine to hug her. First, the hero admits that he needs the heroine and asks her to forgive him for his heartless behavior (he forgot to add in stupid). The heroine admits she's in love with the hero and we have our happy ending. Yeah, happy ending are all good and well but I was tired but reading the idiotic jerk of a hero.

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