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After her father died, Helen was left without any family. She started work as a live-in nanny, but her employers treated her more like a serf. When Helen visits the Caribbean with her employers, she runs into some trouble at the airport but is saved by a stranger. She begins to thank him but freezes when she hears his name. It can’t be! He’s the man Helen’s mother ran away with? This young, handsome man is her mother’s lover! In disgust, she tries to escape, but he won’t let Helen get away that easily.

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it was by fate 4  4

It was quite surprising with fate's hand in the heroine and hero's life. The heroine becomes an upper(snobby) classman's nanny after her father's death, which opened up the truth of her mother abandoning them for a young polo player as well as family debts that have left her completely broke. She runs into the hero who saves one of her charges. He does scold her but also speaks in her defense against her boss. The hero is a famous writer who's trying to escape from his older brother's widowed wife she crawled into his bed drunk on the night of his brother's funeral. After his run in with the heroine, he can't stop thinking about her and it's the same with the heroine about him. The two run into each other again and learn they are neighbors. The hero decides to do the surprising thing(in his secretary's mind) and accept her employer's invitation. There begins a misunderstanding between the hero and heroine. The heroine recognizes the sister-in-law as the mother who abandoned her and thinks that with the hero and the woman being Mr. and Mrs. concludes the the hero is the polo player. So, she goes great lengths to avoid him but his pursuit of having everyone treated equally (much lady boss's chagrin) has her seated at the same table. He tries to pursue the heroine but she rejects him in fear of falling for the man who her mother abandoned her for. He pursues her the next day into lunch where she learns it was his brother who was the polo player. He also expresses his disdain towards the woman. Now, the heroine is happy that the hero isn't with her but she's afraid what he would do if he found out she was the woman's daughter. She can't resist his invitation to talk more. Later on, she has a confrontation with her mother who states she knew who the heroine was from the moment she met her and how the mother won't meddle in the heroine's affairs. They have no idea the the hero's secretary had eavesdropped on their conversation and plans to use that juicy tidbit to get the heroine submit to him. He corners the heroine a couple of days later and forces himself on her. Luckily, the hero is there to save the heroine but in jealousy, the secretary reveals the heroine's connection to the sister-in-law. When the heroine sees the hero's eyes filled with hate, she runs off and disappears. The heroine quits her job and uses the money to put herself through school back in England. Two weeks pass and the hero finds the heroine. He apologizes and tells her that he got rid of the secretary by pushing him onto the widowed wife who sunk her claws in him deep when she learned of the man's wealthy background. He confesses his love to the heroine and asks her to marry him. This is what earned an additional star for me: the heroine wants to wait because she wants to finish school and the hero is cool as a cucumber with that. He says he'll wait, brings up with them living together and it ends on a happy note.

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