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Declan Knight, a popular socialite, has shown up unexpectedly at Gwen’s engagement party. His obsidian eyes burn with intensity, thinking back to when they last held each other eight years ago. Gwen comforted him after his lover’s death, but in the afterglow of their passion, he cast Gwen off as if she were nothing. Gwen has no idea why he’s suddenly appeared, so she’s as surprised as anyone when Declan takes Gwen’s hand and declares to the room that he’s her groom!

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bitter at the beginning 3  3

The hero and heroine haven't had the best time of meeting one another again. In the past, the heroine was the best friend to the hero's girlfriend. When the two ladies went out to do professional rock climbing without an expert (at the request of the friend), they get into a dangerous situation. The friend sacrifices herself to save the heroine but not before telling her to take care of the hero. After the funeral, the heroine goes to check on the hero who's less than pleased to see her. There's some insults, then some deep kisses, followed by "are you going to run away", and finishing up with heartbreak coitus. The morning after is as Greenland during winter season. In fact, they don't see each other for eight years until the heroine goes to the hero to give him the news that the both of them have been cheated out of their money by the heroine's fiancée who's run away, leaving them in the dust. This is all happening right before the party that was going to announce the heroine's & OM's engagement. I did like that we get to see the hero's thoughts throughout the whole thing because it does get tiring when you see only one perspective in the book. Then he comes up with a plan to save them both: he marries the heroine in order to access a trust fund left to him and they use it to cover the losses. The heroine rejects the idea at first then complies. Then the hero moves into the heroine's home that's being restored and they spend time together rebuilding, restoring, and refurbishing the house. In fact, the hero even gives the heroine the gift of an electric sander as well as a job to restore a old hotel that he's going to open. I did like seeing their struggles in giving into their attraction for each other. Everything goes well, even after the wedding until the the hero and the heroine are in a hot moment and the heroine says the ex-fiancee's name. That one word immediately turns off the hero and he walks away; I don't blame him for it because no one wants to their partner to say the name of a past lover how matter how mean or nice they were in intimate moments. The hero avoids her for a week until the heroine comes upon him in a phone conversation with news that the ex-fiancee is dead and their money still in his hands, well now in their hands. Both want to continue their marriage and bare their true feelings to the other but are unable to do so. The hero takes the first step by burning the marriage contract and when the heroine asks why, he answers because he doesn't want to make the woman he loves suffer. We have an open heart to heart discussion between the heroine and hero over their true feelings for each other and we have a happy ending.

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Nice 3  3

Very noble man. Though he's attracted, the main reason he wants to marry her is to save them both from having their property repossessed. Her friend must have known of the attraction before she died. Good reason for a promise.

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