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Jade and Mel were a happy couple, madly in love. On Jade’s twentieth birthday, they were going to tell her father about their engagement. However, on that day, her father unexpectedly announced her engagement to another man by mistake in front of the guests. Hurt and embarrassed, Mel left her and never returned. A few years later, Jade is running her father’s advertising agency, but the business is failing. On the verge of losing her company, she desperately turns to Mel, who has become a successful management consultant, in the hopes that he will help her. So they meet again and Jade immediately falls for her gorgeous ex, but Mel gives her the cold shoulder. And soon a rumor starts spreading that he is actually conspiring to take over her company!

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one of the better titles 3  3

The hero and heroine are a couple until at a party,the heroine's father mistakenly announces the engagement of the heroine to another man who tells the heroine to play along but she won't. The hero is at the party and believes the man's words over the heroines despite her numerous attempts to tell him. Now, after four years, the heroine calls the hero to make an offer to help bring her father's company out of the red. It's clear that the night of the party still heavily affects the hero and it's still the same with the hero not listening or even believing a word the heroine says. The next morning the hero agrees to take the job but only on his conditions. After their deal is made and contract is signed, the hero plants an unexpected kiss on the heroine. The heroine meets the person who the hero brought it and it's a lovely young lady who captures the attention of everyone. Now, the heroine struggles because she's so frazzled over what is the relationship between the hero and the other woman (I use abbreviations for mean women.) In fact, through out the book, his fear and despite need to know slips into her work and even how she talks to other people. The heroine gets a cold and wanders off to heal herself but the hero comes in and nurses her back to tip-top shape. In her sicken state, she begs the hero not to marry the other woman and the hero admits that he hasn't stopped thinking about since the day he left her. Now, when the heroine is back on her feet, she goes to see her company but finds all her employees catering to the other woman. To say she reacted badly would be an understatement. She basically screams at the other woman of how it's her company and the other woman and the heroine aren't going to take from her. Afterwards, the hero goes to confront the heroine on her poor behavior and tongue lashes are exchanged and then the heroine gets a call from the friend ( the same one at the party who told the heroine to go along with her dad's announcement) that the hero is planning to have the other woman take over her, which causes another fight with the heroine leaving. Then the friend tells her how her father sold the company without her knowing to the hero and it's the straw the broke the camel's back. The heroine has had enough and decides to get away from it all. The heroine breaks down in tears and the hero finds her once again. The two of them are calm enough to talk things out and the hero reveals that the other woman is the sister of a friend who passed away. Apparently, the other woman was pregnant and the father ditched then she had a miscarriage. The whole tragedy caused her to attempt suicide until the hero saved her and helped her get back on her feet again. The hero wanted to explain but it was the other woman's private business and not his to tell. The heroine comes out and asks about the business deal between the hero and her father. The hero admits wanting revenge because he thought she was married but when he heard she was single, he wanted to have her once more. He meets the father to clear up the misunderstandings from four years ago. The two admit their faults and reconcile and we get a happy ending.

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