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After running away from her unwanted wedding, in her wedding dress, Liv wanders around in the rain without any destination in mind. She comes across an advertisement for a housekeeper to work in a mansion and, in desperation, Liv bursts into the house. The owner who welcomes her with a surprised face is a local hero, Lieutenant Colonel Cade—the same Cade Liv had a crush on when she was young! After finding out her circumstances, he gives her a trial period as a housekeeper and a room in his mansion. How lucky she is! She’s excited to live under the same roof as such a charming man!

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2.5 not really my romance 3  3

I was having a hard time with liking how this harlequin comic went down. We have the beginning where the hero gets a shock of seeing a wet bride applying for his housekeeper ad. After listening to her story of following her parents' every order up to almost marrying the man they picked out for her. She felt like she was backed into a corner, overwhelming her to the point her only escape was the day of the wedding. Now, he does hire her but he's also in cahoots with her father to hold her till he pays everything off. She finally thinks she's free and tries her best with cooking, cleaning, and even offer some much desired skills for the hero's new veteran home like a physician assistant degree. Then he blows a gasket when she cleans up the place and reveals his partnership with her father. He tells her it's time to go home and she listens. The woman ends up being back in the same spot but she doesn't do anything for three weeks. She's gained this short work experience, independence, and yet; she can't use it to take that first step out of the door. Not to get that job or at the very least, an internship, plus she can just get a job with the skills she has to make money and worth through what she wants to do. She only goes out when the hero comes a knocking. He proposes she play hostess for a big party in order to get sponsors for his veteran and the heroine does on one condition: he have sex with her. It's not (countdown by fingers) 1. Give me back my job, 2. Give me a recommendation. 3. Help me figure out how to be independent from my parents. 4. Help me make a resume. OR 5. Drive me to the nearest work agency. It's all the about the coitus and the heroine was just losing brownies points from me. If this was some sort of symbolic gateway for the heroine then that's her thing but it didn't make it any less great. The hero somehow agrees to his because he's subconsciously is in love with her. Now, the heroine kills at it with getting everyone from Royal to common in donating for the hero's cause. She even exceeds his expectations but he doesn't confess his love and all. Then she's cornered by her ex-fiancée's distant relative who calls her out on her poor behavior and treatment towards the ex. She leaves in tears and the hero finds out who gives the man (one of his soldiers) a good tongue lashing. It does spurn the heroine to see the ex and apologize him face to face. Then tells her parents that she's sorry but is leaving. After that, she goes back to the hero who pulls her into a big hug and proclaims his love for her. By then, I was tired of the story and it ends with them getting married.

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