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Katy works as a secretary and companion for a retired college professor. When her employer suffers a heart attack, his godson, Bruno, comes to stay at the estate! He’s a beautiful young businessman, and to tell the truth, Katy has a hard time dealing with him. He’s overflowing with confidence, and when she’s in front of him, she turns red in the face and can’t speak for some reason. But as the days go by, eventually the time comes when she gets accustomed to his presence, and Katy finds out that he’s thinking about getting married to his girlfriend. It seems like he’s doing it to put his godfather at ease, but hearing about it causes a pain in Katy’s chest like nothing she’s felt before…

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cat and mouse. 3  3

So, the heroine is a bit of a mouse when it comes to the "powerful " presence of the hero. They met because the man she works for is the hero's godfather who took him in when he was 12. The man has recently suffered a heart attack, pushing the hero to stay at the man's house, while he rests and recovers to the heroine's horror. For me, the hero seemed a bit much what with undressing in front of the heroine, telling her to be more confident. That would have made me uncomfortable because having someone who hired her and having them do that kind of action would have had me feel squeamish in a bad way. I wasn't big on the heroine who tries to make herself scarce by making herself sound useless in order to keep the hero away from her. To me, it's not the smartest idea when you're trying to keep your job with your boss out of commission. The hero is able to find things for her to do and puts her to work. They slowly are able to hold a conversation where the heroine actually looks at him and holds eye contact. They talk about multiple things; one of the being the hero always getting pressed by the GF to find a nice girl and get married. He states he's going to marry someone he's been dating for a while because it would make the GF happy to see his boy find that nice woman. The heroine meets this girlfriend and she's a woman but she's definitely isn't nice. She says snidest and rudiest things at the heroine about her dress, her presence, and her ethnics. The heroine finds the hero in a bad mode after the OW left but he states he had her leave because he didn't want her to get in the way of work, so could possibly put him in a foul mood? After the work is done and they go out to each, the heroine warns the hero to change his attitude of the OW for better or the GF will see through him. Then he'll realize the hero is only getting married to make him happy rather than for love itself, which is a big thing for the man. This was actually the first time the heroine told the hero straight on of her thoughts. Unfortunately, for the hero, the heroine is right about the GF's reaction to the hero bringing a woman to meet him. Now, he doesn't know what to do. The GF instantly dislikes the woman but holds it till the door is closed because her snobbish attitude clashes with his kind personality. He's also able to see the lie the hero concocted and decides to talk him out of marriage with this woman. The hero can tell the GF doesn't like her either but the heroine thinks he still going to stay with her. Then the hero sees the heroine in her modest bathing suit that turns him on more than the GF with her skimpy string outfit. He pulls the heroine in for a kiss and the GF witnesses it. It does cause the breakup and have the GF list the heroine as enemy#1. Later, the hero and heroine have a short one night stand that goes badly. One would think it's the end but the GF saw the pool kiss and now thinks the heroine and hero are in a relationship because they posted it in the papers. It turns out to be the work of the OW and the only countermeasure is to make it true. They go ring and dressing, appearing in public places to get it around. Then they have to set a wedding date in order to throw the OW when she tries to get a rise out of them and a scoop for the hyenas. The heroine chides the hero for taking the bait and states she doesn't want to marry for convenience or to appease the relatives. The hero gives a nice little speech on how the heroine is different from every woman he's ever met and he marrying the heroine because he loves her. The heroine accepts his proposal because he said he loved her. We get a nice ending with the hero and heroine on their wedding day.

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