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The famous and calculating young banker Elliot Jay has a fourteen-year-old daughter! Physical therapist Melissa discovers the bachelor’s love child when he asks her to help his daughter. At first she refuses because of his arrogant attitude, yet he is so bewildered by having suddenly learned he has a child that Melissa’s curiosity wins out… But she is taken aback when she sees Elliot trying so hard to be a good father. He has a fiancée, so Melissa tries to tamp down her growing interest in him. Until one night when they make a mistake…

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The heroine is hired by the hero to help with his newly found daughter. Apparently, he found out six months ago that he was the father to a teenager whose mother and father died in an accident. They left a condition in the will that should anything happen to them, he would be informed. So, he's picked up the girl out of Australia and moved her to England. The whole thing has been stressful for the both of them and the daughter has used stress-eating to cope. This has lead her to being overweight, skipping school, and ignoring anything the hero says. He's at a loss of what to do and the heroine is there to help. She sees the best way of helping her is to get her show there's someone she can trust unlike the hero's possessive lawyer/fiancée who thinks the daughter needs to be put on the cabbage soup diet. The heroine gets the hero involved in spending time with the daughter be it movies or making dinner. Although, the hero and heroine end up on awkward terms because wine and bedroom. We also learn that the hero's not engaged to the lawyer, it's just a rumor that he's never denied. Both accept responsibility for their actions that night to each other but the hero rejects the heroine resignation since he still needs her to help with his daughter. Six weeks pass and the heroine is doing wonders with not only helping the daughter to a healthy weight but also making friends and building a bond with the hero. We finally the climax between hero and daughter where they're able to see each other's true thoughts of caring for each other. It finally helps with the daughter called the hero dad for the first time. Afterwards, the hero takes them out on a vacation but the heroine is all a bundle of nerves since she has no idea what the hero is thinking or how she should feel for him since she's fallen for him. That is until the hero states he's going to seduce the heroine and the heroine lets him in. However, ex-fiancée and work rear their heads and the daughter runs off upset with the heroine running after her. He comes back 3 days later with news that he was stopping a buyout of his company that happened during his vacation. The daughter accepts his apology but tells him to sorry to the heroine since she knows what they were doing. The heroine is so embarrassed that she runs off and rejects all the hero's calls. Encouraged by his daughter, the hero goes after the heroine. Once, she opens the door, he gets down on one knee with a ring in hand and a proposal from the heart. The heroine at first rejects its since they come from different worlds but the hero gives a speech about how it doesn't matter and she's what he's always been looking for. Then the heroine says yes to his proposal and we get a happy wedding ending with the three of them.

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