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Former model Liv took her two young children with her when she left her husband and fled to Ben’s house. Ben, one of her best friends, could always be counted on to help when she was in trouble. To Liv, an only child, Ben is like her knight in shining armor, always protecting his princess. Despite Liv and her children appearing so suddenly, Ben invites them in warmly and helps solve many of their problems. Seeing Ben’s reliable side, Liv starts to feel something she’d never felt before. Could this be love?

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3.5 The shining knight was right beside her 4  4

The first introduction between the hero and heroine is a bit of a new one for me. Apparently, the heroine thrown out with her babies by her husband admits to sleeping with his secretary. She goes to the hero because she's in a fritz and has no idea what to do. Luckily, the hero is a gentleman and a friend who helps the heroine put the babies to bed and listens to her story and offer advice. He also takes care of things with the now ex-husband who doesn't give a flip even about his own children, but pulls off this smug aura that she'll come back to him. I don't judge the heroine who making a bad choice for a spouse because she thought she could change him and she didn't divorce him when she got pregnant and he treated her like crud because it happens to a lot of different women but it's the fact she didn't even have their marriage properly certified. Although, it is a blessing in disguise because it made it much easier to leave him without dealing with too many legal issues. Sadly, I wished she had charged him for child support because she had two kids, he was cheating, and he threw out his family onto the streets. So, the heroine begins her life by staying at the hero's house and getting back on her feet like getting a job and a down payment for her own home. The hero is right there beside and he's doing what he can to be a support. Example, he buys a book on child care as a reference, spends time with the kids (more in a day than what their biological father ever did) and helps the heroine pack all her stuff from the husband home and brings it to his place. He evens offers her the job of cooking as a way to get started. It's plain to see that the both of them are attracted but the heroine holds back thinking the hero is only being a good friend and the hero holds back because everything that's happened with the heroine. After spending time together, the heroine starts to get jealous of the woman the hero has loved for so many year, not realizing it's her. Then the hero brings up a proposal for marriage of convenience, which has the heroine on the fence because she's in love with the hero and wants to be with him but is afraid of a marriage with no romantic love. However, she agrees and within in the next page, she's married to the hero. Their honeymoon is filled with ups and down with them starting to look deep into each other's eyes and then the heroine asks what kind of woman is the hero's mystery girl and he shuts down. The two of them aren't on the same frequency but manage to deceive everyone. What I found stupid is the heroine thinks that the hero doesn't love her but it's so painful to the reader because of how it's so clear how much the hero is in the love with the heroine. Finally, the heroine tells the friend who suggests she finds a job and so, she starts rough drafting children's stories. The hero tries inviting the heroine out but she resists and calls the hero dumb and I say, "Takes one to know one." The heroine's friend tells her after she listens to the heroine sobbing about how the hero is out having an affair with the secretary but no proof that such a thing exists that the heroine needs to stop running away and confront the situation. The two go to the hero's company and meet the secretary who look's nothing like the heroine imagined. The secretary leads them to the hero's office where the heroine sees the large amount of photos the hero has of the kids and the heroine herself. The hero walks in and finally confesses that his mystery woman is the heroine who's shocked by it all. The misunderstanding are cleared and the heroine replies that she's in love with the hero. The story skips a year into the future where the heroine is pregnant and has gotten her first children's book published. It's a happy ending for all.

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