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Wealthy Salvatore is willing to pay any amount if it will help his daughter speak. Looking at his adorable girl’s picture, speech therapist Darcey is smitten and agrees to go to his castle in Sicily to treat the little girl. From this man who lost his wife in an accident, she feels deep sorrow trapped in his armored heart, and she wants to help heal his wounds… When Darcey reveals her feelings for Salvatore, he confesses that he killed his wife…yet he also has memory loss from the time of her death. Is there any way Darcey can help Salvatore’s daughter and this tortured man?

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3.5 confronting their issues 4  4

It's a business arrangement turned romance when the hero meets the heroine to help his little girl who's been deaf since she was born and just got her cochlear implants two months ago. The hero is at a loss on how to help his daughter come into the world of hearing at the age of five when all she's known is silence. The heroine's heart goes out to the little girl and partly because she has some of her own unresolved daddy issues. So, she agrees and we see that the heroine's father is part of her life, he's just too dense to see that his daughter doesn't want to act. In fact, he even wrote a script with her featuring as the main character, even after her multiple attempts of saying no. She went as far as marrying a man old enough to be her father to find a father figure but that marriage ended on a sour note with cheating and divorce. We see the hero is suffering from the recent death of a man who was a mentor and a grandpa to the hero, plus the pain in both leg and head from the accident that killed his wife and he was the driver. Ergo facto: he's responsible for his wife's death and the guilt has made him close off to other people as feeling responsible for his daughter's deafness and unable to communicate even after getting implants. In fact, he can't remember anything about his wife or his daughter's birth. The poor man has the world weighing on his shoulders. The three of them go to Sicily and meet some welcoming members of the family (hero's brother, his family, and dad) and not so welcoming family (hero's dead wife's mother, can't say anything sweet to that little girl). The heroine notices strange things like how there's not one photo of the hero's wife and things going bump in the night. She finds out from the hero's mouth that he claims to have killed his wife because he was driving the car when the accident happened and a friend pulled them out claimed he was the driver. The hero has nothing more but to believe him because he can't remember from that incident. The DW's mother also makes all these claims that the wife was the best thing that ever happened to the hero but he has nothing to believe an can only rely on his instincts. The hero cuts his long pirate hair after the funeral of mentor to make a new start. This new start being flirting with the heroine who's a bit overwhelmed by the his casanova behavior. The heroine also sees the DW's mother arguing with a man who matches the description of the friend who pulled the hero and DW out of the car, the pieces of the puzzle start to come together with flashbacks as well of the night the DW died. The hero is finally able to remember just as they catch the DW's mother and the friend stealing from the castle. The hero reveals that he remembers it was the DW driving like a maniac and not him. The DW's mother took advantage of his amnesia to guilt him into paying her money whenever she came by and practically making him miserable. The DW's mother is horrified that her secret is out and tries to put the blame on the hero. He states that he won't charge but she can't show her face to any member of his family, even the granddaughter. I agree because she wasn't nice to the child one bit. After the whole fiasco, the hero takes the heroine out to dinner and back to bed. Later, the heroine tells the hero the reason she has to go back is because her father wants her to act, which brings up some bad memories for the hero because his horrible mother did the same thing of becoming an actress and her sent away before she can explain. The heroine finally confronts her Dad on his pushy manner of wanting her to be on stage and the negative impact she feels from it that he won't love her for being different. The father realizes his error, comforts the heroine, and apologizes for being blind her pain. The heroine walks into the hero who's been looking for her to apologize for his words and asks her to marry him. The heroine agrees and we get our happily ever after.

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