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Due to her sister’s infertility, Sheridan decides to undergo artificial insemination, but as a result of the hospital’s mistake, she is provided with the semen of a man who is not her brother-in-law. As it turns out, the semen belongs to Rashid, the King of Kyr. Though Sheridan finds him authoritarian, he is as handsome as any prince you might read about in The Arabian Nights. Sheridan frantically resists Rashid’s urgings that she should join him in Kyr, but then he makes an unimaginable move, sweeping Sheridan up off her feet and kissing her passionately. Sheridan suddenly finds herself lost in Kyr’s intense passion… What will she do next?

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someone give that man hug 5  5

I loved reading this book because the plot, the interaction between the hero and heroine, and the issues. The hero has found out that his sperm has been implanted in a woman by mistake. I really have no idea how any of these fertility clinics even survive if they make such big errors like inseminating a woman with the wrong sperm. Moving on, he finds out the woman who might be carrying the future heir of his Kingdom was being a surrogate for her sister because of fertility issues. The heroine is shocked at the news that she might be carrying another man's child and not the child intended for her sister and her brother-in-law. The hero takes the heroine by force (not good for a first impression) to his country before they can be sure that she's pregnant for sure. I do think that the heroine holds her own against the hero, which impresses the king. He does pull if you're pregnant then you'll have to marry me. After that, the heroine makes a stand and has the hero see what she wants like talking to him. I like how he listens to her needs and how the people of his country sees how kind he is. I loved reading them struggle to communicate with each other and their attraction to each other. When they find out that the heroine is truly pregnant, which does frighten the heroine for the moment but the hero is there to comfort and reassure that everything will be fine. Yet, the hero is more scared than the heroine about the pregnancy and we learn why. The poor hero was abused by his father then he ran away to Russia where he met a wonderful woman who showed him love for just being him. Sadly, she died from giving birth, both her and the baby. When I read that I wanted to put a blanket on the hero, give him a cup of hot cocoa and a hug. It was so heartbreaking to lose someone who finally showed you love. The two of them had an heart to heart talk and learned their fears and I found it adoring. then it was the heroine to comfort and reassure him that everything would be fine. It was fun watching growing in trusting, communicating, bonding with each other. There were a few obstacles like rumors of the hero taking a second wife (all false). The hero comes to the rescue and they have another heart to heart. The ending was wonderful and I would definitely recommend this book to read.

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