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Having spent her life so far as a wallflower, Bree feels that she will live the rest of her life alone. Her father encourages her to go to a party, which she reluctantly attends. There, she is introduced to Gavin Spencer, a handsome and ambitious advertising executive at her father’s company. Surprisingly, Gavin asks her to dance and they get along perfectly all night. Shortly after, Bree and Gavin begin a wonderful relationship. But soon some news comes into light that makes Bree doubt her newfound happiness. Could Bree’s love life really be too good to be true?

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Where's a stylist when you need one 3.5 4  4

When I finished reading this novel, I looked up the publication date just to see when it was written and it was only eight years ago. The heroine dressed like she was from Pride and Prejudice and even they looked better because of how well kept their hair was. The father is shocked that the heroine is wearing the outfits from her grandma because her grandma told her to hide her curves to huge parties. Sweetheart, I understand your grandma was showing you modesty and I'm all for it but there's a line between looking modest and looking frumpy. The father is at a loss to do and here I'm thinking, "It's 2010 and you live in the big city where people have jobs that literally are teaching people how to dress and act. They're called stylists and life coaches!" So, the heroine is the wallflower and ugly duckling wrapped up all into one, where the only man who shows any interest in her is the hero because he finds her character cute. During this dance, and private conversation about the heroine's hobby that the hero actually has knowledge about it. He starts to see the real beauty of the heroine under the grandma dress and the glasses. He invites her again for cocktails and they go out on a date. He gets mad on both his and the heroine behalf when his friend jokes around that the hero's with the heroine for her father's million dollar dowry. Soon, the two of the go on walks and learn more and more about each other. The heroine has a friendly conversation with one of the hero's workers who tells her of what an impact she's made on the hero's life. Then the friend does something unexpected: she stares at the heroine closely and yanks up the heroine's grannie dress from the bottom to the top to get the whole picture. She scolds the heroine for hiding such a lusty body under that square dress and gives the heroine a makeover. At the next date, the hero is shocked at the heroine's appearance of a total beauty. Even the men who kept their distance before are clamoring to get her attention and they don't even know it's the heroine who they kept distance. The hero becomes jealous of having to fight the flies off as they come in swarms get to the heroine. The hero confesses he's in love and in the span of 12 hours, they have a hot and steamy night and then the hero proposes marriage to the heroine with the ring his grandmother gave him. They get married and tried to get onto the next of their life but the hero's boss asks him to stay because of the spy in their company. Then the heroine stumbles upon a voicemail about her father transferring money to the hero and how he make the heroine feel like that. The message causes the heroine to come to the conclusion that the hero only married her for money and doesn't know what to do. She turns to advice to her fairy godmother but it turns out that the fairy godmother was a witch/spy of the company. When the hero tells the heroine, all the negative emotions in the heroine just burst forth like a volcano. The hero is shocked by the heroine's revelation of her finding out about the million but claims that he has a reason that she won't listen to. It has been four days since the heroine disappeared off the grid and the hero takes drastic measures to get his message to the heroine. So, he makes a nationwide announcement for the heroine see and hopefully send word that she's okay. The next day, she receives a package that holds photos. The hero suddenly appears, pulling the heroine into a hug. He tells her that he returned the million dollars and the only reason he took it in the first place was to support his family's business that failed. He confesses that he's loves the heroine and his quick proposal was only because he didn't want to lose her. The hero asks if the heroine will allow him to hold her again and she says yes and confesses that she loves him too.

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It's alright... 3  3

It's not bad but it's not that great. It's cute. yeah cute is the word.

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