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Kate’s mind was made up when she caught a wedding bouquet for the umpteenth time. The reason she was in her thirties and still single was because she hadn’t yet met Mr. Right. All she had to do is find one! Being a methodical science teacher, she decided to use her computer skills to find her future husband. She dated different men to gather data such as their age, occupation and physical traits. That’s when she met Jamie, who came to her summer school as a parent chaperone. At first sight, she sensed he was her ideal mate…but the computer program dismisses him as a nonviable candidate!

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science vs. love 5  5

The heroine is a single woman who's been to one too many weddings, catching the bouquet, but never ending up as the next bride to get married. The heroine finds to that special someone soon but isn't sure how. So, she turns to math and science of creating a program that lists all the eligible men around of who could possible by the best candidate. She considers love a chemical reaction in the brain, rather than as an emotion. She goes to visit one of her student's parents, meeting single dad hero who is also a bar tender. She tries to dissuade her attraction of him but a school camping trip only fans the flames. It's doused pretty quickly and she goes on her first date. Sadly, her date doesn't get her blood going like the hero. He comes by for another chance. She accepts and actually has a great time. However, his mother-in-law tells the heroine that the hero isn't the marrying type. So, the heroine decides to search elsewhere and it hurts the hero badly. Then he finds out about the heroine's program when his daughter gets a hacker to hack the heroine's computer to see if she's graded their tests but they get the love program. The hero finds the statistics and learns he's low ranked. So, he decides to show his worth to the heroine in another way. They have a great night but the heroine goes on the mother-in-law's words and rejects the hero. He states that he wishes he hadn't fallen in love with the heroine and walks away. This time, he backs off and the heroine keeps going on miserable dates. She realizes that she is in love with the hero but knows she screwed it up. She decides to make a new start but shedding her dyed hair and goes to short natural hair. They have another hot night but the hero leaves the heroine in the morning with no note and the heroine thinks their relationship has gone nowhere. She sees him later on and he explains he was getting his some drunk customers home. Things are cleared up and after another wedding, the heroine reveals what the mother-in-law said to the hero. He states the reason for being single so long was because he was waiting for the right woman. Then after listing that they fit each other's ideal of a partner, the heroine confesses to making the program. The hero states he knows and them look at the final results of the test: shows the hero has the number one candidate. He sweeps the heroine off her feet and we get a marriage proposal and a happy ending. I really enjoyed how the story went.

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