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Wynn just bought a house and is on cloud nine. And her neighbor Zack is sexy enough to have caught her eye. Not being good with men, though, she figures it’ll never lead to anything… Then one night in the backyard, Wynn mistakes Zack for a trespasser and tackles him to the ground. With her body sprawled across his magnificent chest and in his arms, the two barely avoid a fiery kiss. But it will never work. What he’s looking for is a woman who will make a perfect mother for his daughter. Family-oriented, delicate, sweet—the complete opposite of Wynn! But can the fire that’s started up between them be extinguished?

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How was she unsuitable???!!! 3  3

The hero has a this ideal image of perfect family with a child and a wife who's slim and sweet and will love his daughter. This is actually the only actual piece of evidence we have to show the hero wants in a woman. Through the book that I scanned and searched for little things that made a big impact in the story: why the hero wouldn't date the heroine. We get one good reason that she's a neighbor and he doesn't want to screw that up. Yet, that's completely it. The hero gives no other indication of her being unsuitable. He doesn't even use the old shelf excuses, "I'm just happy the way I am," or "I don't feel ready for the dating life". I mean all his buddies list how she's great from being able to defend herself as a black belt in Karate, can cook & clean, has an honest personality, and here's the cherry on top that would help the hero: she knows how to explain the purpose of a Tampon and Pad to the little girl!!! Now, they have an awkward impression when the hero sees the heroine flipping a man over and he panics but it turns out to only be a sibling squabble over who has the parents live with. They get to know each other pretty quick during coffee with everyone. The heroine becomes attracted to the hero because of his manner and the fact he wasn't intimated by her size. The hero is attracted to her as well despite his physical preference for a woman of slim clashes with the heroine's muscles amazon queen stature. Sadly, he writes it off as desperation since it's been so long since he's been with a woman. Yet, he even admits to the heroine that he wants hers but he doesn't have time between being an EMT and a single dad. He uses excuses of her not being his ideal wife, only enough to be a fling. He even thinks on her behalf that she doesn't want marriage. Then his buddies comes along with one of them sniffing and he starts growling. We do have an intimate moment between our main couple but the heroine ruins it by calling the hero adorable. It ends on cool terms with the heroine being friendly and loving to the daughter but giving the hero the cold shoulder. He knows the situation is perfect but he can't help but feel empty. Finally, the heroine learns of the hero's past with his wife who had the slim and small body. Her body was also weak, especially when she got pregnant. She went into labor but the hero was at work. He didn't make it in time as she gave birth and slipped away. He blames himself and the hero pops up who's very displeased over the heroine knowing his personal business. Then we get a frightening situation where the daughter gets kidnapped and nearly disappears into the white van but the heroine saves her. He does scold her a bit but he does thank her for her help. The heroine's parents come by and the hero realizes he wasn't only scared about his daughter but about the heroine, which leaves him wondering that what he feels for the heroine is love. There are some immature moments and it ends with the heroine telling him to tell her when he starts dating. That way she can stay away from him. The next day, the hero is discussing with his feelings about the hero. The hero can't comprehend his feelings for the heroine when she doesn't match his ideal woman. His lame excuses are knocked down one after another by his friends with good reasons. Then the hero says, that he wants a woman who will set a good example for the daughter. AND right behind him, the heroine hears it all because she brought homemade muffins as a good neighbor. He runs afters her; with her shouting at him to leave her alone and him shouting back she doesn't know anything. I'm sorry but did you just say that the heroine isn't a good woman for the daughter to be around. When he finally catches up to her, she flips him on his back. He states that he loves the heroine but he was being an idiot about it. The little girl shouts for him to take the heroine and asks the heroine to be her mommy. She confesses her love for the hero and we get the happy ending. Yet, I was on the fence with the story.

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