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When Lydia goes in for a job interview, she finds that the CEO of the company is a breathtakingly handsome man named Wolf, but he’s also a patriarchal tyrant. She doesn’t want to work for a guy like that, but when she sees the salary he’s offering, she can’t refuse. After all, she needs the money for her daughter’s sake! Wolf needs a secretary who can work like a machine and will under no circumstances fall in love with him. Given that Lydia’s married, she seems to be qualified…as long as she can keep one big secret from him!

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good romance 4  4

The heroine is a widow with a child who's the hero's new secretary but her appearance matches the hero's image of a bad secretary: blonde and skirt above the ankles. She definitely doesn't fit his ideal secretary of a middle-aged granny. The best part is that she overhears everything he says. I liked how she just barges in on the hero to give him a piece of her mind. She finds him to be attractive but she starts to leave till the hero tells her that she'll be hired by his word. Then he sees the ring on her wedding finger and asks if she's married. The heroine lies and replies yes and there begins our descent into silliness. So, to summarize; the heroine is hired by the hero but she doesn't correct her lie because she's afraid that he won't hire her over the fact she's a widow and not a married woman. She makes a good impression on the hero till he walks in on her talking with man, a man who's married to one of the heroine's friends. However, that doesn't stop the hero from pulling a frowny face on the scene. He scolds the heroine that she should wear a classy outfit and that is exactly what she does. I really liked how the heroine got back at the hero because the next morning, she comes in looking like an old fashioned British governess. She calls him by his last name, something he didn't want her to do and he takes a good look at her. I did like that he apologized for his rudeness the other day. The heroine wants to trust him but after seeing how he reacts to someone lying to him, decides it would be better to keep it a secret. As time passes along, the two of them fight the intense attraction they feel for each other but the hero manages to slip into the heroine's personal life when she takes a fall and he calls the doctor when her daughter asks his phone call. Although, it's kind of funny/sweet to me with how the hero is trying to be helpful in supporting the heroine's marriage. However, it doesn't stop them from kissing that leaves them both confused and unsure of what to do next. They keep working together and things start surfacing like first bad dates and the hero's sad past of losing both wife and three year old daughter in a car accident. Then things start to escalate with the hero asking the heroine if she still loves her husband(gone from thinking they're married to thinking they're estranged.) and that he's been attracted to her since they first met. They begin kissing but the heroine stops thinking that he'll treat her just as he's treated the other woman, so she tells him to stay away and goes to her hotel room. The distance between them becomes greater when the heroine takes the word of a married woman who's interested in the hero over the character and action of the hero. Later, the hero wants the heroine to discuss their relationship but the heroine doesn't want to hear of it because she tells him that he's with another OW. The hero goes straight to heroine's house to tell her that the OW is a friend who's married to one of his friends and how he's become her counselor as of late with the sad events that have circulated around this side couple. The heroine is about to tell him the truth but the little girl beats her too it. The hero didn't take the news well and after confronting the heroine then fighting about it, he leaves her home. The next morning, he comes back calmer and wanting to hear the heroine's side of the story. He reveals his hatred for lies stems from after his wife and daughter's deaths, he found letters and jewelry from OM that were address to the wife. It broke the hero's heart and the heroine apologizes for lying to him. He tells her it wasn't her fault, she was only trying not to get fired at the time. Then he reveals his love for the heroine and asks her to marry him. The heroine says yes and admits to loving the hero as well. It's a very sweet ending with one page of the wedding and one page of the epilogue.

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