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Katie was involved with her Greek boss, Alexi, but when she thought she might be pregnant, she decided to end the loveless relationship with him and quit her job. Fortunately, she found a new job in no time and was ready for the next chapter in her life. On the first day of her new job, she’s gobsmacked when she meets her boss—it seems her new company was secretly acquired by Alex, and the arrogant man still thinks he can dictate her life!

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It takes a negative pregnancy test encourages the heroine to quit both her job and her sensual relationship with her boss. She's frightened of how deep she has fallen in with the hero and the idea of being vulnerable to a man who may hurt her like the many boyfriends of the heroine's mother. A month of quitting her job, she finds a new job and the head honcho is........the hero. The hero doesn't want to let the heroine go because they had such a good relationship and how good of a worker she is. The heroine goes along because she need the job but is frighten of what the hero will do. The hero thinks he can patiently wait for the heroine to come back to bed with him but patience isn't one of strong points and he tries to seduce the heroine with kiss that she rejects. She states to the hero that she wants a serious relationship, something he can't give her and he leaves it at that. Next, the heroine is feeling sick and wonders if the pregnancy was wrong. Personally, it's a possibility with the expiration date, brand, and the usual surprise. So, she stakes another pregnancy test and it's a positive but she doesn't know if she should tell the hero or not. However, he finds out on his own when she drops the pregnancy test box and he's not pleased by the fact she didn't tell him. The hero takes command and has her see a doctor who tells her that she's three months along. The hero wants to be a part of the baby's life, meaning convenient and loveless marriage is the only option for them. The hero gives her time to think and she contemplates that what the hero is offering is better because she lived a an unstable and scary life without a father figure and she doesn't want her child to experience that. So she agrees to the hero's proposal and they are married the next morning. The hero's aren't happy about the marriage, not happy that they weren't invited and I don't blame them but they plus the hero's sisters and extended relatives open their arms and hearts to the heroine who is overwhelmed by their care and kindness. During their bit of a rocky marriage, the hero learns of the heroine's unstable childhood and the heroine learns that the hero's first marriage wasn't a happy and not till later does she hear from the hero that his first wife aborted their child without telling him and was sleeping with whoever could help her advance her modeling career. Then one night when the hero is out at work, The heroine gets intense pain in her stomach and tries to drive to the hospital but is in an accident. The hero finds their home empty and goes searching for her and when he finds her in pain and panic. She opens up about her fear to lose the baby would be losing their marriage and the hero realizes this has been her feelings for so long. Luckily, both mother and hold pull through. Once alone, the hero apologizes to the heroine for forcing her to marry him and how he can't bear to lose her because he loves her. It's here where he reveals his disastrous first marriage. The heroine confesses the reason why she marred in the first place was because she was in love with him. We end with a epilogue to one year where the hero is holding their baby and the heroine is holding the hero in happy embrace.

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