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When Terri lost her brother in the war, it was his best friend and her longtime crush Buck Morgan who offered her a job. For ten years she worked as Buck’s assistant, hoping their professional relationship would turn to romance. When the moment came, Buck was under the influence of his migraine medication. Maybe he doesn’t remember that they slept together. Wondering how she can get Buck to look at her as a woman, Terri is now lost in despair. What she doesn’t know yet is that Buck has one of her earrings, which she lost at the time of their lovemaking…

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ten years is a long time 3  3

The heroine has been in love with the hero since before he was married. After ten years of being the hero's secretary and watching him become a father and a divorcee, the two finally do the deed when the hero has a severe migraine and pain drugs that makes him hallucinate and pulls the heroine into bed with him. The heroine can't resist because she's happy to finally be with the hero in this sort of way. They do the deed and the hero falls back to sleep. The heroine leaves because she knows the drugs will make him forget and she thinks it's better this way. The hero wakes from the wet dream he had and finds an earring that he recognizes as the heroine's. He's able to put two and two together to figure out that his dream was real. However, he doesn't say anything because he promised to look after the heroine when his friend begged him to with his dying breath. So, having coitus with your dearly departed best friend is not exactly taking care of her. It's easy to see that the hero is a devoted dad and his little girl is a sweetie. The heroine sees that nothing as changed in the hero's attitude towards her and thinks he must have forgotten. The heroine has a great relationship with the little girl and they convince the heroine to join them for pizza. The hero gives the heroine's earring back with a lie that's clear to the heroine. She's had enough with her unrequited love that she declares to the hero that she's resigning and will work the last two weeks. The hero is in a shock on the news and makes a plan to convince the heroine to stay, which regards neglecting the short time he has with his daughter that greatly disappoints the heroine. When they're on the outdoor excursion with the clients, the hero reveals that he doesn't want the heroine go and when the heroine is touched but it ends quickly when the hero offers to pay her more money and she tells the hero that she stands by her decision. Sadly, the hero gets news of the heroine's grandmother's passing and when he tells the heroine, she's less than pleased that her job got in the way of staying by her grandmother's side. That is when the volcano of hidden things and feelings are spurted out like the hero asking what the heroine was doing in his bed, revealing that he did remember and never said anything and the heroine berating the hero for using money to solve everything. Apologies are made but the tension stays. The hero's materialistic wife comes in for more money and lets it slip through her red lips that the heroine had a huge crush on the heroine. So, the hero takes the heroine out as a host for a company party and they have a great time together in the evening and an even happier time at night. Unfortunately, right after lovely night, the hero finds himself in love with heroine and wants her stay. His answer: tell the heroine that it's his fault that her brother died because he feels guilty. It wasn't his fault in the first place, the man had a crippling migraine and the brother volunteered to take the hero's place and he got killed. Shoot, the heroine told him that it was his fault but it turns out that the lie wasn't that but the brother asking the hero to take care of her, it was a decision he made by himself. This goes south because , the heroine sees the whole last decade of kindness from the hero about the job and the flowers for her grandmother's funeral was him showing pity and not kindness. The heroine shuts the hero out and leaves for her new job. It's time has forwarded to christmas time and the hero is with his daughter now whose mother wants her to stay with the hero for the school year, so she can spend time with her new hubby. The hero is fine with it and is encouraged by the little girl to go see the heroine. So, the heroine gets a surprise call from the girl over the news that they're in the city and want to visit her. The heroine panic for a moment, seeing how her belly has grown, comes up with a plan to wear her coat the whole time. Once they meet, the hero senses the heroine's anxiousness and she leaves early. However, an accidental push from a passerby causes the heroine to fall down the stairs and she doesn't move. They quickly take her to the hospital and the hero learns of the heroine's impending pregnancy and the little girl's thoughts that the two of them should get married and she tells her dad to be gentle. Once alone, the hero confesses he love the heroine, wants to make a happy family, and asks her to marry him. It was very sweet and the heroine confesses that she still loves the hero and says yes to his proposal.

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