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Ella is shocked to find out that her older brother has borrowed a huge amount of money from Zarif. Who’s Zarif? He’s the king of the desert country Vashir and someone who just happened to propose to Ella three years earlier. Ella loved him, but after realizing that he just wanted a physical relationship to create an heir, she turned him down. After her father’s business received a bankruptcy notice, Ella’s mother collapsed. Disgraced and humiliated, Ella goes back to Zarif for help, but he has one condition...a limited time love affair! In order to preserve the king’s image, the two pretend to be married for a year. Is this Zarif’s revenge for her rejecting his proposal?

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cleaning up after the brother 3.5 4  4

The hero and heroine become acquainted when the heroine's jilted baby daddy. Yes, the man left the girl in her maternity wedding dress and ran off to pursue his unsuccessful career in golf in Asia. Unfortunately, no current address was given, so the women of the world weren't able to take a rolling pin to his head. So, about 6 to 9 months give or take, the hero and heroine are introduced and the hero starts to the whole "clean up after his brother" till he sees the startling resemblance between the baby and his brother. It's from there that he decides to take responsibility and tries to help as well as tries to keep his distance from her. The heroine is also very stubborn about her independence since she started in high school not of her own choice. I like that the hero respects the heroine's wish of being independent; for example, instead of giving her money, he gives her a job to satisfy her financial problem and her standards. I also liked that the heroine was strong but not overly stubborn about the job opportunity. It doesn't take long for them to both be attracted to each but hesitant to act upon their feelings due to the usual issues. They being the heroine's ( the last time I trusted a man with body and soul, it was the hero's irresponsible brat brother) and the hero's loss of family (little boy who thought his father didn't love him died in a car accident & materialistic wife ran off). The heroine finds herself to be a fool for falling for the brother and she is as are millions of other women both weak and strong that fall for some man's charm. Therefore, don't beat yourself over, mow over the memory of the man and move on. I loved that the hero not only provided financial support but put himself up as the backup babysitter when the heroine was at work. It's when the hero and hears the song, he was listening to the day his son was killed, the running and dam of tears burst out. The heroine is being to catch up and I loved how she comforted him in moment of grief. I found it be very touching and adorable. What happened next is something that has never me and I'm glad it hasn't: the hero contacts his mother about finding his brother who tells her the one thing she never knew: Congratulations! You're a Grandma! If my children ever did that to me, well I promise that heaven, hell, or high water wouldn't be enough for them to hide from my wrath on not giving me the news of my new title. I'm glad she takes action. I do agree with the hero that the brother has to pay child support because even if he doesn't want her, she's his responsibility to raise or at least give the heroine money to support the little girl. Our main couple beat around the bush on their feelings, the hero still feeling that he's incapable of loving and the heroine wondering if all the things the hero does is because he loves them(heroine and baby) or feels responsible for them. Yet, it doesn't stop them from hitting the home run. Then they come up with a rule about no more presents but the heroine seems to give the hero a present by telling them that she loves him who is still too afraid, decides to fade out of their lives, and gives her a gift of a certificate for a full-ride scholarship for the baby. The heroine gets upset with the gift and runs off. It gets better, when the hero goes to confront the heroine, the brother pops up and tags along. Then he pulls this whole, "marry me and I won't fight for the baby in a custody battle that you'll definitely lose in). His reasons: his mother will sponsor him in his "career". He even says that his brother will be his lawyer and I found it ridiculous that the heroine actually believed that. So, she agrees and the heroine and hero are absolutely miserable with the whole arrangement. It's not until the brother acts like a pig, it pushes the hero to make a stand and fight for the heroine. Apparently, the act like a pig was an act of the brother's but I say part of an act. However, when the hero proposes to the heroine, she rejects him because his proposal is the same thing as the brother's (except for the custody blackmail). Then the brother actually has a bit of common sense because when he talks to the heroine, he actually makes her see reason that the hero is a good man and now she runs after him with the baby. I did love the heart to heart talk between the hero and his mother but the ending scene between our two lovers was very sweet.

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