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Bestselling novelist Drake Daniels’s private life is shrouded in secrecy, to the point that his editors can only reach him by email. Kate, one of his fans, happened to hit it off with him at his launch party and they spent a passionate night together. Since then, Kate had been waiting for him to call her, but when she realized that she was carrying a new life inside of her, she decided to track him down. But she doesn’t find just Drake—he’s with a beautiful woman…and he’s cruelly kicked her out of his home!

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Oh dear, a windy path. 3  3

I was really not expecting this once. Everyone has just been miscommunicating with the other. The hero and heroine met at a publishing party and begin a intimate relationship and going on since. Then, the heroine's hormones are all over the place, she gets sick, and took two pregnancy tests that show the positive sign. Whoops, how is she going to tell the hero that she's pregnant when he's at his secret hideaway that no one knows about, including her. So, it's just a coincidence that she is living at the house next to his and asks for some sugar for her temporary neighbor and sees that it's him. Then there's the other OW who tells the heroine that she's a nuisance and to stay away from the hero(Spoiler: old married friend of his, who thinks the heroine is one of the many hero's stalkers). The two of them are finally able to get together when the heroine accidentally hits the hero's dog (The pooch was fine, was wiggling & licking the heroine frivolously as they were rushing him to the vet). The whole incident eases the tension between the two of them enough where the hero invites the heroine to a farewell party with the OW whose the wife of the hero's favorite high school teacher. The heroine and the OW are able to become friends. After that, the heroine goes over to the hero's house but the dog accidentally knocks her off the stairs and she falls. This fall causes a pain in heroine's stomach and she panics. It is there that the heroine tells the hero that she's pregnant. They rush her to the hospital but here's the real spoiler: SHE'S NOT! She had all the symptoms but the doctor says the tests might be an inferior brand, stress stops period and causes one to be sick. The heroine miscommunicates with the hero that it was a false alarm, which could mean that 1) I'm not pregnant or 2) The baby is fine. The heroine explains it quickly after she realizes that he thinks she's pregnant but sees that he wanted her to be pregnant. This revelation has the hero and heroine living together and seeing different sides of each other. We also see the sad past of the hero losing his family members one by one but I love how the heroine comforts him and the ending was very sweet if a little rushed.

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I guess I liked it.. I guess... 3  3

I was hoping that the story would have more punch to it but it's ok. Cute. The ending was rushed though...

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