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Johara was stunned when she read the article. Shortly after returning to his desert kingdom after studying abroad, Prince Shaheen was already preparing for marriage! Johara has been in love with him ever since Shaheen saved her life when she was young. She even swore that she would dedicate her life to him. Although she moved to Paris after her parents divorced, Shaheen has never left her mind. She knew the daughter of a servant could never become the prince’s bride, but she could at least go and see the prince one last time…even if it was just a glance. And so Johara slipped her way into Shaheen’s farewell party, unaware of the disaster that their reunion would bring.

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editor's comment - August 3rd, 2018

Many twist and turns in one book, I like how they look when young and how their expression changes when they turned adult. There are so many women at the party yet hero notice heroine immediately even though he couldn't recognize her.

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It wasn't so bad 3  3

The heroine meets the hero who she knew as a child when she was living at the palace but due to a fight between him and her brother when she was a teenager, they became distant. Now, their little reunion goes unchecked because the hero doesn't recognize her since she was a girl in braids and wearing glasses. However, he's memorized by her beauty and she doesn't tell him. They have a wonderful dinner and an amazing evening but by the next morning she leaves him when he's asleep. She goes back to her home country and to care for her father who's not adjusting well to his rest and retirement. He then has the two of the go to a party for the hero's bridal candidate search. The hero's been in a slump since that night because he misses the heroine but has no way of finding her. Then he sees her at the party, and makes a straight head away for her when she's alone. He asks why she left then pulls her in for a deep kiss but then her father calls her name and surprises the hero that it's the little girl he knew a long time ago is the same woman from that night. The heroine apologizes for not telling him but she wanted to see him before he married. The hero says that he'll never let her go but she escapes when his sister comes in who reveals when the heroine is gone that their national treasure has been replaced with a fake. The sister suspects the heroine's father because not only is he the family jeweler but one of the few people with the skills to create replicas as good as the one she wears. The hero tells her to keep this newfound information to herself till further notice. Then he has the heroine brought before him over the threat of canceling his marriage. He tells her that he wants to be with her. He also states that their distance was started by the brother who made harsh claims that the hero was only toying with the heroine. The hero and heroine start to rekindle their relationship but his older brother who's a raging bull and a ferocious tiger is against their relationship because he suspects the heroine is involved with the jewel theft. The heroine is let in on the truth and is frightened by the possible negative outcomes that it may lead if the real jewels aren't found in time. She falls sicks then faints and the hero finds out from the doctor that she's pregnant from their one time. The heroine tries to push the hero away but he won't let her and bluffs his father into believing everyone already knows about the heroine's pregnancy in order for him to not say a word against their union. Unfortunately, everyone else is against it because they all brought potential candidates and feel insulted from this. When the heroine takes a look at the fake jewelry, she is able to identify the artist and they go to see the artist who reveals that it was the royal family who requested for the fake jewelry. They start to suspect the heroine's father has even been drugged so he wouldn't be able to tell the jewels were a fake. However, before they can do anything, a meeting starts with all the board members allying themselves to dissolve the hero and heroine's engagement as well as take the child away from the heroine. The hero goes to speak with them directly that he relinquishes his title as prince and imposes self exile to himself and his descendants. The board members are all for it but hero's older brother appears and shuts up the board members with his words and glares. The two thank the older brother and they get happily married. The reason why there were so many unanswered questions is because they are going to appear in the next few books.

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fuming! 2  2

WHAT WAS THAT ENDING? I'M PISSED! A lot of unanswered questions!!!!

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