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As a nurse in Texas, Emma never expected to be kidnapped by messengers of the king of Bahania. But at the palace a familiar man approached her—Reyhan. She had no idea what he might be doing there until he announced he was the third prince of the kingdom and that she’d been summoned so they can be divorced. Emma is shocked twice over—she still can’t believe Reyhan’s a prince and, on top of that, she had no idea that marriage of theirs was for real!

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too young for marriage then 3  3

I can understand why the King wanted the hero and heroine to have another shot at their marriage, even though they were separated by certain things like themselves and other people like the heroine's possessive parents. I know the hero says that he's brought her there to get a divorce but the King has other plans. I mean, the heroine had cut the cord a long time but they were just doing everything they could to retie again. I mean that know of attention is toxic because if the heroine never got to get a job and they just spent the rest of their lives looking after her then how could she live on her own. I was so glad she took the initiative in being independent. During college, the heroine and hero meet and have a whirlwind romance that gets them married but he leaves without a word for his aunt's funeral. When he tries to contact the heroine, he's blocked by her parents who don't tell the heroine that the hero tried to contact her at all. This is when all things come out about parents blocking the hero, the bank account he set up for her that she had no idea it even existed, and more. The heroine runs off and takes some time to cool her head. Then she calls her parents to get the truth, learning the hero spoke the truth the whole time. She apologizes to the hero and he takes her to see the sights. The hero is dealing with chief's teenage boys who have way too much time and energy on their hands, so they're making threats to the hero and his family. Our main couple start to go back then the heroine's parents show up and being parents who are worried sick . The hero's father is a master of negotiation and convinces the parents to stay on, while the hero and heroine finish things up. There's a dangerous situation and when the hero and heroine are driving back to the location, they get caught in a sandstorm. They manage to find shelter in the caves and spent some time alone together. It turns out that the shelter is the hero's hideaway where he has kept all personal things that remind of him of the heroine there and she finds them. They talk and open up of what happened six years ago. They confess their feelings and decide to not get divorced. It was a nice ending.

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