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Ivy, a rose farmer from the countryside, is attending an art exhibition when she is struck by the shocking good looks of an extremely sexy multimillionaire. But this is Jordan, and whenever he gets tired of a girl, he orders them a breakup bouquet from Ivy’s farm! All too aware of his history, Ivy holds this wealthy playboy in distain. However, unable to resist temptation and stay away, she ends up spending the night with him! The next morning, she sneaks out of his apartment before he wakes up, not realizing the chaos it will cause…

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it had humor 5  5

This was a funny for me with all the things that happened. The heroine owns a famous rose farm that sends out different types of fudge to it's customers and one of the most well known customers is the hero. Funnily, the heroine's assistant has figured out a pattern to the hero and his date of when he's pursuing, hard core coitus (I have no idea how she came to that idea), lighten things up, and break up through the flavors of fudge he requests. The heroine blows it all off because she's not interested in the whole thing. Then she's invited by her world famous painter of a mother to a gallery opening and decides to show her mom that she can look good. In fact, she turns quite a few heads like the hero's for one. He tries to invite the heroine out for dinner but his approach goes terribly wrong. They are able to clear and they do have dinner then a hot night. However, the heroine wakes up the next morning and after being polite to the housekeeper and leaving a message for the hero, makes a break for it. The hero tries to find her but he has no idea where she is and decides to send her roses, the very roses that she grows at her farm with the fudge that indicates he's pursuing the heroine. What made it funny was the assistant reading his message out loud to the mother because he has no idea where the heroine is. The heroine ignores his messages but is pressured by her assistant and mother (who can't bear to eat anymore of the fudge) to see him. They reach a agreement to date for a while on the conditions that the hero never buys the heroine gifts and after they break up, never orders her roses for his next fling. He agrees and they have a good time together if it weren't for his sister whose mouth is bigger than a whale shark's mouth and has crummy attitude especially when drunk. Her words don't push the heroine away at first but they do later on. The hero and heroine have a great time together and enjoy each other's company both in and out of bed. The hero finds himself in love with her but is scared of commitment because of the last girl he was with was only with him for the money. The heroine runs into the crummy sister again and she has a boatload of horrible words to say to the heroine about stealing the hero's money and she's worth nothing. The heroine goes away dejected and the sister runs into the hero. She tells him what he did and he tells her about the no gift condition. The woman confesses the wrong things but she tries to pin the blame on the hero. When the hero learns of this, he goes straight back home to find the heroine ready in tears. She shouts at him that she's only a closet mistress since he doesn't introduce her to his family and friends. When she's about to leave, the hero grabs her and asks her to marry him. There's some resistance but the heroine says yes. They meet the hero's family who welcome the heroine with open arms and the sister apologizes for her bad behavior and harsh words. We have one more family drama but it's handled quickly with class and I loved the ending of it all. I really enjoyed reading this one.

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