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When her car breaks down in the middle of the road, a very pregnant Maddie feels a sharp pain. She’s not due yet, but she thinks she might be in labor! Desperate to find help, Maddie begs a man on a motorcycle, Joshua, to take her to the hospital. After her baby is born, Maddie keeps her promise to deliver him dinner once a week for a year. Despite Maddie’s reluctance to get romantically involved with anyone, an unexpectedly sweet kiss from Joshua just might leave her doubting her resolve.

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Well done 5  5

This was a good comic to read. The hero and heroine meet when the hero takes the laboring heroine to the hospital to have her baby and being her support when she was giving birth. The heroine starts making weekly meals for the hero and his son as a way of thanking him for helping her. Strangely, the both of them have agreed not to date or marry (the hero has sworn off marriage forever due to a promise he made with his son when he was eight years old & the heroine doesn't want to marry until after her baby is 18 years old.) As the weeks pass, the four of them having dinner weekly becomes a norm and they enjoy each other's company. The heroine goes out dancing with the hero and his son (who's with a "friend") and we can see the attraction from the hero who wants the heroine but is holding back due to his promise. They have another similarity: they have terrible relationship with their parents for the hero marrying his wife and the heroine becoming a single mother. They have a special night and the next morning, the heroine thinks that the hero did it with marriage on his mind. Sadly, she overhears the hero telling neighbor that he won't remarry and from the hero straight himself. It breaks herself off and she cuts off contact except for the her agreement to send food. The son asks his dad why he won't marry the heroine and when the hero tells him of their promise made; guess what, the son forgot. He then pushes the hero to go after the heroine and fight for her. The hero has a few obstacles but meets the heroine before she arrives to her date's destination. They meet and talk out things and it ended quite well.

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