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Historical Romance THE WILDER WEDDING 1

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Laura overhears her family talking and discovers that she has an incurable illness and not much time left to live. She’s spent her whole life in late nineteenth-century England doing what her parents have asked of her and has never had a chance to fall in love. Now, with death looming, she decides to live what’s left of her life the way she’s always wanted. She’s only met the mysterious Sean once before, but she decides to ask him to marry her. Laura offers him her inheritance if he’ll help her travel and give her a taste of freedom…at least, for the time she has left.

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a fun read 5  5

I really enjoyed reading this comic. There were 4 reasons of why I liked reading this comic. First, the hero and heroine are thrown in an interesting relationship where the heroine proposes marriage to the hero, so he can show her to world before she dies. Note: This isn't some victorian female "hysteria" as one would put it. The poor woman got a cold, the doctor came to check and then pulled the brother into a private conversation. This conversation was about the heroine having a serious disease with no cure and only a few months to live, a conversation she overheard. So, she looks into it further by going to the hospital that the doctor works at, meets the colleague who says it to her face, "you only have a few months left to live." The poor woman realizes that her hard-earned money (she actually made the investments herself,so smart and sensible) that's worth $51,000,000 us dollars today will be handed over by her cold-hearted stepfather the minute she dies. Wow and since she has only a few months to live, she goes to the hero with the proposition of paying the amount from above to the hero if he marries her and shows her the world before she dies. The hero is bulldozed into agreeing, although, there seemed to be little hesitation from him. Second, the two of them are just so sync with one another that reading their interactions brighten my day.Third, I liked the heroine's personality because she's bold and has a curiosity to learn everything. I like how the hero is honest and patient with the heroine from talking how his last marriage and broken engagement to allowing her to go to Paris with him the day before he leaves. Fourth, I liked there was a little mystery on who's targeting the hero, the invisible antagonist who lurks in the hero's shadow. It's fun and entertaining. It was really enjoyable, even the cliffhanger.

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