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When Isabella was younger, she followed Paulo around as if he were her brother. He’s ten years older and has always been a prince in Isabella’s eyes, but he works for a large bank in London now and only returns to Brazil once a year. One day, Isabella overheard him talking about his plans for marriage. She was so upset that she ran off and had a one-night stand with her professor, and now…she’s pregnant! But how can she tell Paulo that? She runs into him while she’s studying abroad in London, and he invites her to come and live with him until the baby is born. Isabella is carrying another man’s child, but she can’t stop her feelings for Paulo! What is she to do?

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Brazil/Britain romance 5  5

It was a nice romance with a huge age gap but nice. The heroine is discovered by her family friend and long time unrequited crush who shocked to not only find her having dropped out of college but very pregnant. I liked this romance for a lot of things like the heroine's isn't the usual British rose but from Brazil like the hero who was studying in England. The hero doesn't get much from the heroine and so, he takes her home to recuperate and rest. Fortunately, his possessive OW is there to see the heroine in her pregnant and jumps to the conclusion. She slaps the her and leaves in a huff with the heroine trying to explain that the hero isn't the father. Then the heroine is reunited with the hero's young son who adores her and is in awe of her pregnant state. The heroin can't bear to tell the hero at first because the father of her baby is one of her professors who she had a one night stand that she's ashamed to remember. The hero is confused on how to communicate with the heroine because he thinks she's in love with another man. Oh, hero if that were true when why was the heroine living with the family who took her on as their nanny than with the guy who you think she loves. There is some tension between the hero and heroine on the matters of baby shopping and such but the son is here to break the ice and bring back laughter. The OW returns to listen to the hero's excuse but he kicks her out when she insults the heroine. The heroine sees what happened but the hero tells her he can't every truly love someone like his dead wife again. Dejected, the heroine goes to bed and when the hero brings her a warm milk, he finds her asleep. He comes to the conclusion that he would love the child in her belly regardless of who is the father. In fact, he even lets the hero's father (a man who mentored him on business and being a single father) think that he's the father of the baby. After that interesting international phone call, the hero asks the heroine who the father is and she answers that it was one of her professors. Apparently, he invited her to his place to talk out her feelings because she was looking down. Then he gives her a glass of wine and she's a lightweight. Okay, the heroine is young but for me, that wasn't a smart decision. I know that you're trying to be polite to your host but you only have alcoholic drinks with your professors when you are with a group of students. Plus, she should have seen the danger signals when he poured her a glass of wine. She either had to leave or ask for something else. The hero was just as ticked as I was at the professor. Their conversation goes south when the hero tries to kiss the heroine and the heroine pulls away. They end up fighting, the heroine declaring she's leaving the house but the hero convinces her to stay since she can't go home in her last stage of pregnancy. Then the heroine goes into labor with the hero holding her hand the whole time. She gives brith to a cute baby girl and the hero immediately fall in love with the sweet baby as well as realizing that he loves the heroine as well. Yet, the heroine thinks the hero doesn't love her and won't step into the roll of being the baby's father. Not even after they have declarations of love and passionate lovemaking. As she sets to leave, guess who appears at the door but the baby daddy/professor. Now, I knew immediately that the man didn't care for his child at all before the biggest clue was revealed. How? Well, it was his behavior and face that said it all. You see, if you were a man who just discovered that you became a father with a woman who never told you about you being a father then you would have three emotions: anger, desperation, and calmness. We can count out anger because the man doesn't shout angrily at the heroine for not telling him about the baby nor is he desperate because he's not begging her to let him see the baby with listing that he'll do whatever she says. Then, there's calm because the man is trying not to do the first two things and trying his best to talk things out with the heroine and see his daughter. So, I saw neither of these things. I saw two emotions: smug and confident, you think that's not possible then why he is all smiles, mentioning the heroine's rich dad's name and how beautiful the house is. The hero comes in stating that the baby girl is and the biggest clue about the crummy professor is revealed: he says and I quote, "I want to talk about custody. But, you don't want to let me see my daughter, I'm willing to discuss compensation.". He's in it for the money!!!! Well, we can say with a smile that the hero catches him away with the heroine's fears that he truly does love her and wants to make her his wife. It's a great confession of love from the two of them and a great wedding as well. I really enjoyed this one.

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